A highlight from 'Democracy Itself Is In Peril'


June i twenty twenty one mounting evidence over memorial day weekend that our democracy is still very much endanger will discuss that plus president biden continues. Bipartisan infrastructure negotiations. But for how much longer and finally the president travels to oklahoma today to mark the one hundred year anniversary of the tulsa massacre democracy is in peril and we continue to see examples of that every day. President biden said exactly that yesterday when he was commemorating memorial day at arlington national cemetery where he issued this stark warning. Democracy itself is in peril here at home and around the world what we do now how we honor. The memory of the fallen will determine whether or not democracy will long endure. I'm not really sure you can say that the president is being hyperbolic here or really playing up this notion. I think he sort of calling it as he sees it here. This weekend we saw play out in texas for one place on sunday evening. Democrats in the state legislature walked off the state house floor in an effort to derail the approval of a restrictive voting bill before the midnight deadline there for the end of the legislative session. The bill in texas. It makes that georgia. Bill look like child's play. This is a bill that may be the most restrictive so far that we've seen in the country. It limits sunday voting hours. It makes it easier to overturn an election results that may be suspected of fraud. Bipartisan actors that a partisan actor can potentially overturn the election results among many other issues. And while that was the last opportunity for the bill to pass during the regular legislative session in texas governor. Abbott has already announced that he will include election integrity. As part of a special session. He plans to call. So the republicans have the votes in texas and indeed if the governor calls a special session this bill may very well become law. And that's why you saw the democrats in texas plead with national democrats with president biden to do something on the federal level as a relate to voting rights that state by state patchwork legislative attempts by republican controlled. Legislatures will not be resolved from the democrats point of view unless democrats are able to successfully pass federal legislation. This is where that bill s one comes in remember. Hr one four. The people act it passed the house of representatives. It's senate companion is going to come up for a vote at the end of this month. That's according to senate majority leader chuck schumer which means the battle over. The filibuster is likely going to come to the fore. Now folks over this voting rights issue because we know joe manchin and kirstin cinema. They don't wanna blow the filibuster and we know joe. Manchin is not in favor of the current voting rights legislation we also know republicans are totally unified against it so there's no chance of democrats getting ten republicans so the only path forward for this bill that schumer and biden say are a priority for them is to actually blow up the legislative filibuster and pass it with democrats only but like i said mansion cinema. They're not in favor of doing that. So this is going to present a real intra-party democratic battle now for the next many weeks with voting rights front and center and that's not the only place we see democracy under attack. listen to michael. Flynn the former. And very brief trump national security adviser. He was at an event in dallas that featured prominent cunanan conspiracy theory and big lie believers where he appeared to endorse a myanmar style. Coup right here in the united states. Give a listen. I wanna know what happened in. Minimum are can't

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