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Jefferson township new jersey for more than thirty years on a snowy january night a fourteen year. Old boy named tommy sullivan did the unthinkable. He murdered his mother in cold. Blood set fire to their house and then took his own life out of the flames of this horrible tragedy. Investigations revealed that tommy was himself a part of a satanic cult sparking a nationwide hysteria now known as the satanic panic this monumental moment in american culture led to communities nationwide enforcing coney and measures to protect their children from what they perceived to be the devil's influence. Even the catholic church was convinced this was a case of demonic possession on the devil within the truth behind the grisly murder is finally revealed. Did tommy act alone. Did he really commit suicide. Is his cult still in power. The devil within finally sheds light on questions left unanswered for decades. You're about to hear a preview of the devil within while you're listening. Follow the devil within on apple podcasts. Amazon music or you can binge the entire season right now by joining one degree plus in the wondering app wanting to the house with him books on the four that were on fire. Say tanning bucks over up in a circle in the living room We sorta stamping it. All out he's screaming first family. At that time. The sun comes out of his bedroom. And tom asked him if you saw his brother and his mother and i saw tommy. It was covered in blood to be cut his hand mom. Who's speaking to the hospital for stitches. Look back the bachelor. Apparently i do the senior gal. He cut his hand up to the hospital. Now the cars are here about. Let's check downstairs. Get halfway downstairs. Tom looks to his less whites than murdered. Turns around january of one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. A small town in the forests of northern new jersey was rocked by a night of terrible violence. This is the true account of the murder of betty and sullivan. A thirty seven year old wife and mother of two the brutal ritualistic nature. Mrs opens murder only begins to scratch the surface of this heinous crime even today more than thirty years later the circumstances surrounding her death are still debated in community and of the people who remember that night that still live in town. There are many of them that are willing to talk about. The story made national headlines because it fit into a larger narrative an idea fear that had existed for the most part within the margins of the american social ansel standing front and center. That fear is given name the satanic panic and it had all at once tasked aside the whispered urban legend too hysterical national nightmare by the time. Detective paul hart arrived on the scene. The single-story gray house with black shutters was awash in the manic blinking of police. Lights firefighters did not much to do. The fire was contained before it had spread out of family. Detective heart was more concerned with the basement. Where the dead body was at this point. He knew two things. There is a mutilated body of a woman in her late thirties. Presumably betty and sullivan. The woman in her son tommy boy fourteen was missing. He was sitting in quiet contemplation of this when his phone. Tell me sullivan. And it wasn't the news. He was hoping for the crime. Scene was across the street from the sullivan hall in the eastman's backyard and if the questions in his head weren't enough already there were about to be. Many many mr eastman had been smart enough or scared enough to stay away from the body. The crime scene was intact untouched. The snow surrounding the body was proof of that. Only one set of tracks led from the woods to the woodpile. Tommy had walked there alone. He picked vantage point from which he could see his front door where he could watch as the corner of removed his mother's body from the house. Then he sat down in the snow and went about the terrible business of killing himself. He had a small pocket knife that he got from the boy scouts a knife. He would now plunged deep into his left wrist. Only he didn't quite know what he was doing. The blades slid between the bones of his wrist severing tendon ligament but not rupturing enough blood vessels from to bleed out right away. He tried again and again but kept getting the same results in terrible pain. Probably close to passing out from shock and afraid that he'd be discovered before he actually finish the job. Tommy chose a more permanent solution with his remaining good hand. He plunged the small three inch blade into his neck just below his left ear. Similarly must've amounted to superhuman strengh dragged the blade across his neck until it reached his other. The depth of the cut was astonishing as was the amount of damage inflicted arteries muscles windpipe. Larynx off completely severed. There was an explosion of blood and gore in the weight of his head in the absence of the muscles of his neck nearly overcame the structural integrity of cervical spine. Has it was the result of the single slash of his blade. Left him with his right ear. Come to rest on the back of his right shoulder blade with his chin pointing straight into the sky. Detective heart knew immediately. That the blade and tommy's hand have forensic evidence confirming as the knife used to murder betty and sullivan new. The thomas fingerprints would be found on the dumbbell in the sullivan residents. What he didn't know was how these wounds could be self inflicted any wondered. Any evidence would be found indicating that the death of this boy was anything other than a suicide questioning of family opened up many disturbing avenues of investigation for law enforcement satanic worship musical influence in the form of a heavy metal band concealed. Obsession with the occult and all in an incredibly short period of time. The family stated thanksgiving. Tommy was normal cell but six short weeks later. He seemed to be a completely different person. The last piece of evidence that was collected that night and delivered to detective heart. The next morning was a full.

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