What Africa Can Teach the World About Green Beauty


Do you think is the consumer advocate for green beauty across africa the moment from your viewpoint in bt fast africa ill it is going in his rome and because of the spatial of information you know that africa has access to ish. Motion of the internet heat will want to new. People are asking questions asking deeper questions. They asking mock questions. It's not enough for you. Tell them you know you have a skin in. They want to know what they want to know where you know. They're concerned now also about the environment before the environment. They're concerned about your health. And we see how things that we ingest whether orally or our are skinned the largest organized gala. We know it has a huge impact on our the way we live and quality of life that we have these things are intertwined and meek peacful you ask geese festivals people asking questions before want to do attack you know people want to be bits and i can see that it is major knee from the issues. We've been having with the environment and you know how literally information is at everyone's fingertips so they're not taking you know how big for you anymore.

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