A highlight from Episode #547 - Monster From Boston


Boop to do you. Bobby was crying coach. He was crying like doomed to excited to hear about bobby crying. Like a bitch. I to hear about it right now. I i wasn't aware of it either and actually can be honest with you. I am happy. Happy that bobby was krylov. Be at student bobby. Crime going to check in bobby. Yeah i'm there. Were i wasn't i wasn't there for this. Why are you crying like a bitch. If you play in this long. So i gotta find cry again. You y you. Want bobby bobby. Why were you crying. Stood toe to to no shame in crying crying and podcast producing crying. Like a pitching podcast producing. You can't cry. Should have done that done that in a league of their own crown. Some baseball bobby. Why is the semi guy playing. There's a whole survivor in the background. Jay it was a ghost of a holocaust camp. Oh by the way. I forgot was here and i was like. Oh someone's got somebody in their screen with is behind me. Oh ari by our love you so what happened. Well the recording fucked up and poverty. That was when i was out. Have the song playing in the background. Yeah have to share it like this fine. You could do it in post production. I could you know on his plate over my microphone. Kvant jay sorry so if you guys. I mean if they heard the episode they know they know so. The audio wasn't recording properly. I did tested on the first show but at the first show we only used one microphone so when i was recording that it sounded great everything sounded everything was going great and then the gang started which we added. Four more microphones. And the only time. I could really test the mic was when when the actual show started because the first show ran late in the second show had to hurry up on people were already in their seats and i started the recording and i realized i was only getting jabe jays mike and they're recording. Which is the most important like really matters true but it was allegiance by the most haunted mocking. Were style this way and forty one minutes into our show. We we figured out that yes. There was an audience members. I've never used the board that they had at the creek and also neither. Did anybody else that was working at the creek because the that that board is like two days off. There's actually a wooden board trying to run power at the creek with a wooden board since the wherever you go there you the creek so you guys did forty plus minutes of a live podcast and then bobby realized they realize. But then this is. This is amazing. Rebecca the owner of the creek and people are given bobby shit about this. I need to make this clear. Bobby is this retarded. This was Rebecca move well. Becca takes a cell phone rebecca completely under the bus. But it was your idea a this part. I didn't know. I'm not throwing her under the bus bombing. So rebecca thinks a cell phone telling. No there's a problem because we're ten minutes into the show. And rebecca puts a cell phone in front of me. That's recording on the table. Were on the table. And i'm and i look at it. I'm like what does that does this mean we're not recording and she's like Now then my mind is blown. Nobody would say well. We should probably put the cell phone front of a speaker not in front of the people speaking at a fucking table. Nobody even got that far in the thought process. It was just their self on the table but that was That was rebecca. That's for people who aren't experts in the behind the scenes at podcasting throwing a cell phone on recording means. lots of other options have fell by the wayside. There's a lot of steps you get to before you go allergies hit record on my no i so we lost we were to do a zoom with me you and j but it was like it was such a good show and we did have half of it and you can hear the jokes. I can't hear the jokes that it was. We sort of made a game time decision to put it out and you know it's still a great show by the way considering how bad the audio was. We didn't even get that much hate. It was such a good show that it was only a handful of people that shit on it. I was surprised that we didn't get that much more. But i didn't realize when bobby wasn't participating in any of our group fun activities Swinging that he to tim swinging on site and bobby which loved bobby. There wasn't He wasn't able to go and he kept saying he was trying to get. This didn't what he was doing though but he was trying to salvage the audio spent day and night. Doing it twice earns out. he wasn't trying to salvage it. He was just in a corner crying pitch to do well. No that didn't come until he got to thing and he was telling me what happened. In bobby was informed so commode i mean he was he was. He was just sitting staring. Four in. the green was creeped me out. I was like bobby okay fine. Then he came outside and he just couldn't take any money saw louis which i will say lewis for lewis particularly holding it together. Pretty good for what's going on. He's not really. He's not wigging hardship. But you could see. He's he's definitely counting to ten in his head and like breathing walking in the moment. I'll tell you right now with. This is what i've learned about my own anger management and i i really can only think inside of my head. This is how i worked. I know at this point. Everything's gone wrong if i freak out. It's not going to make things go better. it's just gonna make them go more wrong. You just figured that out now. Thirty nine past interchange. I'll tell you what though seeing louis upset once. You many times had

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