A highlight from Amy Got Attacked By A Bird! + Bobby Feud: Biggest Complaints + Rent Reba's House!


It's going to is that and was that eddie's tell me something was yeah so you heard that on the air and then what do you call your husband. Did you go. Hey we here's something we can do. Well bet night. When i got home i said hey and there was a tell me something. Good about cars for heroes. They take cars. They six months. They donate them for veterans who are down on their luck. I need a vehicle. And so the next day he called dot a week later. They came and picked up his truck. Come on for you. Marsha like that we apply to you mostly and also nice job. Just read those good news stories. Whatever maybe people listen. Maybe they're not it turns out they are felt about the whole show people listening member. They're not so cool. A marsh appreciate that. Hope you have a great morning. Tell your husband we say hello to. We're all thank you. That is inspiring to us to know that there are things that we can talk about that actually affect life outside of this room that we all say you know here. Is cody in new mexico. Cody welcome to the bobby bones. Show question so ray. We're talking about his bat for trump. Did he ever get that money or no. I've almost tired of even talking about this. I'm glad you asked cody. Are you may do the fifteen second recap when there were four people left in the republican side of the election. Almost five years ago ray bet pretty much is entire savings account. A thousand bucks. Donald trump to win. He won at fifty to one odds he. He's owed fifty thousand dollars by betting site. He didn't get the money after he won then. He said he has to complete his term. He didn't get his money after he completed his term. Ray we're Six seven months. What's the deal. yeah. I still haven't got the money. That's the update. I wish it was more positive. That's it. I haven't been given the check yet. They will cut though very soon as what they've told me who is they and i thought you had an attorney won. An i have an attorney. Definitely do they. They they wanted to take out the taxes. And i said please take out the taxes. So that's the process. We're in right now. I don't wanna get fifty thousand. I want to get thirty thousand with the taxes already taken out. Which is what's going to happen. I would rather have fifty in pay the twenty right then so at least i got my thirty. Then do what's happening here. I don't think you're getting the money. I think you've been pulling one over on us and you have created a five-year segment that were you. Can continuously called back in and go. Hey what's happening like. I don't know you get more. Airtime i love. I wish i could say i was that smart. I created a segment. That would go along five years. Even if i left the show the segment would still continue. But i didn't do that. Promise on our relationship that you are owed. Yeah got serious. Where the euro fifty thousand by this. I can't even say it fifty thousand dollars by this website. Go ahead yes you do. And we have the bedding ticket and everything like that. So you're telling me when you're not lying here. This is not a bit your own fifty thousand dollars well when it happened. I said i'm putting this thousand dollars on it. i don't get. Why would have made that up. I had no idea he was going to win the presidency. Who would have thought that a millionaire said. That's a funny bit. No it's a funny bit because ought to look like an idiot. I never in my wildest dreams thought he was good actually win amy. I mean i am hopeful that somehow native. But it's gonna get this money. But i mean i feel like maybe the money's gone. I do think he really paid it. You do think he actually made the bit. I'm now starting to think he didn't make the bed no no chance. I don't think you made the bed. Don't either cody. What do you think buddy dude. I don't think he made a better in five years. There's no way. Bush got the money by now. There's no way cody appreciate that.

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