Is This Considered Cheating?


If this considered cheating or not there. Stephen shirley i've been in a relationship for four years and my boyfriend and i live three hours of part. We've always been in a long distance relationship and i thought everything was fine until recently he started talking about marriage after we dated two years and he said he would gladly move to philly to be with me. I got all excited about marriage. I started preparing myself emotionally and financially to be with him for the rest of my life then. Last year he started saying that the distance was killing him and sometimes he just wanted to lie next to me and hold me until he goes to sleep but he can't because i live so far away. I thought that he would go ahead and propose but he hasn't. I started visiting him more but he made excuses. When it was time to come see me a few times. I didn't want us to grow apart so i did whatever i could to keep the sparks flying in the bedroom. I was visiting him one weekend and there was a towel on the back seat and i needed to put groceries in the car. I picked up the towel and it was this was crusty and stiff and i am no fool so i know what it looks like. I thought it was incredibly tacky of him to lead in the car and no matter what that substance was on it i asked him about it. He confirmed my thoughts. He said he went out a week. Or so before Before i got there and a female friend of his helped him out orally he said he didn't return the favor to her but she willingly them he said it's not like he cheated and it helped him out because he missed making love to me i was livid and all he kept saying was he did this for us. And it's not cheating. But i've never had a quick hook up with my male friend. Is this cheating or not. should i break up with him. Yes come on. This is really

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