A highlight from Jon Levy - How to Build Deeper Connections with Anyone



Episode with my co host rl garden. Hello and welcome to another untangle as we begin to open up as the world opened up as people leave their homes and go and connect with one another. The power of human connection takes on a whole new meaning today. We're going examine an interesting take on human connection and how we influence one another with my friend and awesome guest. John leafy john is behavioral scientists best known for his work on influencing human connection. He's been able to connect and foster meaningful relationships with people of all domains. Celebrities royalty nobel laureates and then bring the links in his network together in meaningful ways. John is here to share his insights on human connection with us and show us how to connect with anyone. Welcome john thanks for having me. I'm super excited. That's my joy and pleasure to have you here so let's dive in by understanding a little bit about why human connection is so important we all know. It's important intuitively. Can you put some words around it for us. Oh for sure. So i'll just start off by saying i grew up. Pretty lonely was super kid. And i didn't really quite fit in. This was like before you could actually have cool geeks now. Everybody likes marvel superheroes back then. It was me and like three other kids in my school. So the weird thing is. I thought that that was like a unique experience. Because i would see shows on television where like everybody was hanging out and everybody had friends. Even the geeks and as i was researching my new book. You're invited. I came across something pretty startling in one thousand nine hundred eighty five the average american had just about three close friends besides family by two thousand four must in a generation later. We were down to just about to so nineteen years. We lost a third of our close social ties besides family and that is terrifying terrifying for two reasons. One is that we'd like to blame things. Like social media and technology the real culprit is probably people moving more for work or after school and it resets their social ties but now that trend is probably progressed and with the pandemic and people being locked in their homes and avoiding physical contact. That numbers probably even lower and for me. The most concerning thing about that is that research. From brigham young looked at what are the actual greatest predictors of human long jetty especially the ones that are in our control and after genetics. Which we can't really control for and i'm meeting meaningful way. At least not yet to is close social ties of close friends or family and number one is social integration which is essentially measured by the number of social contact. You have throughout the day but it that sense of belonging that you're part of a community that you're integrated into the way that people interact and if you really look at the research. Loneliness

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