A highlight from The COVID Rahmshell, Olympic Collapse, Brooksy Wars, & Frankie vs Boston

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Are you. Are you alive you survive and you feel good. Your face looks really nice. Good complexion thank you appreciate. We have some trouble with the lighting in this room. lurch took offense to that. But what. I what what's going on in my life out the lady washed out see. I never said that like that. Lurch this thing where like anyone smaller than him in the human body has dislike high pitched scrawny little voice. That's just completely owned app. Just can't really screen is just whatever we're not gonna get into that my whatever. Yeah there you go. I lurch lurch one of the most kind of degrading. Things is me and a couple of buddies alerts would just call a sub six footers. Sometimes schley really yeah. That would be a big time. It was pretty funny badly. Sub six footers and five hundred people care deeply about it. Exactly you care by putting out that chirp no. It's just some people like you got a chip on your shoulder about things like but i don't think it's anything to do with your height. Obviously but other people like care like one of my buddies from college mcdonald always wanted to be sixteen would write it on you know his bull across roster whatever sixty and then doctor certified by five ten so just for those people. It's a good know whatever. It's no secret guys. Guys wanna to be pretty sweet as a guy. I wish i were six. Two six two would be perfect. I'd take six one five eleven three fourths. I'm just. I'm almost there but i i go the other way. I i understand wanting to be six foot. Your boy wants to be six foot really bad but also like if i'm five eleven three or four some five eleven to three four. There's nothing wrong with that. Now and five eight five nine. No and i feel for those guys. 'cause all of those guys want to be taller and i understand that i'm five ten and a half or five because some five ten starting get small. Yeah lot of honor and saying five eleven three fourths not just rounding up to six shoes on. Your price six probably. Yeah but yeah. But i also like i want the people who aren't six foot that's not the end of the world. We don't have to be six foot. That's fine and you are. Right in that your. I've never even really considered like man. I wish i was a few inches taller. i do. Think if you're in the five eight range you probably think about that a decent amount of time. But i don't know about five eight. Yeah i would really think so So yeah there's a lot we could start with. There's an enormous amount of things that have happened in the last four days i do. I think people are personally invested in what goes on with these four personalities here on this. Show so frankie You've really you've been the center of attention. I would say for the last week with the islanders versus the bruins. Some of the most all time memorable clips and photographs in the history of martial. Sports have happened with you in the last week. And both sides of it. I mean life is a full circle. You know is is just looking every other day at what is happening with you on the internet from seven pm until eleven pm at night. And it's how are you doing. How was your brain a little bit on edge. If we're going to be honest with you trust street. Yeah a little on edge You know it's just a stressful time. My life i. I never in my entire life thought that i'd be an enemy in a city Ryan whitney in. Boston was like dude. You have to kind of feel kinda cool that you walk into a bar in the entire bars brewing you screaming fuck you frankie because you represent the team that they're playing in the playoffs like they're not even doing the people on the ice. They're not doing the screen. They're not doing the islanders. Their litter legitimately the entire night. A thousand people in a boston bar to watch the bruins screamed. Fuck you frankie. And like there's a part of that that's like fucking awesome. It's like how how many athletes in the world good was city and become a fucking villain. It's crazy like trey. Trae young goes somewhere. And he's like now he's the enemy of the nixon. But i show up to boston and no one even. Who's why aren't you bouin ryan lock. You know what. I mean like come on. I'm not doing anything. So that part's been fun.

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