A highlight from Hour 2: New Struggles


Covers the nfl Espn he will join us. It seems like with each passing day. We got somebody talking trash about. Aaron rodgers Why and what the accuracy of those comments. We'll talk to jeff about that and also some other things around the league coming up You can join the conversation. Eight eight say. Espn eight hundred. Seventy nine three seven seven six and you can hit us up on twitter. That would be me at michael e on twitter and i was having a conversation about yoenis in the last segment and a thing that i think. A hard people have a time in terms of fully accepting especially as it relates to. Athletes is that you have to know who you are. I know who you're not. And this is not the guy that law people want him to be as of yet. He hasn't been that guy so the expectation form to be. That guy to me is kind of silly ryan. Hit me up on twitter. Said gonna score thirty six on sunday. You don't think he was that dude. He's a two time. Nba mvp. He needs to be that guy. No doubt about it. And this is my response to ryan on twitter. He obviously needs to be that guy but that doesn't mean he is plus season awards. Don't mean jack in the playoffs just like he doesn't pay himself. He doesn't vote for himself. Other people do that so you have to stop allowing other people's actions expectations to form yours about certain people and that includes athletes now. What we saw last night from paul george would suggest that despite some of his struggles in the playoffs last year with the clippers maybe he is indeed that dude because he saved the day for the clippers going on the road in game five without kawhi leonard going for thirty seven sixteen and five to win that game to be able to come home tomorrow night with a chance to go to the conference finals for the first time. Paul george showed you in that game and also the last three games score thirty or more in the last three games to the which the clippers have one that he probably is that dude. Maybe he is that guy that can go out there when his team needs him. The most and get it done. He understood what was required without necessarily someone telling him. He did that as relates to this though he hasn't done that. Yet yeah ryan. He scored thirty six points on sunday. What did he do late in the game that you remember it. Wasn't those thirty six points. It wasn't the thirty six points what happens in game time in crunch time like what's really popping. It wasn't what kevin durant did. It wasn't what paul george did. Paul george was the guy last night. He set the tone early in his teammates to get involved in a do things. That's what he did that's what he did.

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