A highlight from Hour 2: Family And Coronas


You don't think that That that particular line of work that they're in has a shelf life like that of an athlete. I feel like entering year. Twenty like they're pushing the term limits on how long you can do what they do for a living raise steal cars. Yeah verse guys come on. You guys sound ignorant. They're not just stealing cars. They're saving the world aright they. They worked for special government agencies off the books and if they get captured. There's no connection them but they're the ones that solve the problems that can't be solved by the normal gleese forces. billy. I thought there goose was cooked and fast six fast five when they're in brazil thought that was the end. I think wasn't that when the rock has his first appearance. One i think the raw god the he was against them and naturally as all good police serve secret service agents or whatever was that he was does eight one day when they help you at the end. You give them a little bit of a head start to get away and they snatcher them after yup and also maybe like a little immunity. They didn't get jessica. Do you always do the. I'm going to have to bring you in. Now just gotta find my handcuffs exactly. And that's when they get away that's they don't have any. Immunity believed that they may have gotten immunity and seven The thing with immunity though right is it like communities good for like all of their past crimes that they've committed but then they go on to commit all these other future crimes at. It's like they should be wanted again. Because they're kinda just going wrong. You're violating the terms and conditions of being a free man. Yeah billy a youtube exclusive fast nine instant reaction video because we're trying to think of some original programming for our youtube channel on it. Sounds like you know we have movie around. The like could be a fun little little video. Actually amine is right there. Jessica who christ. I mean we. Don't billy no i meant we have two good movie podcast. Billy isn't competing for one of the good movie. Podcast my view own. That is what i meant. That might not have. Come out that way. But i tried. There is big mystery. Create plans for the fast Release but kind of cut up to us plans. I mean like ideas ideas can be execute them quickly or well it was like let's get About the fast and furious because he loves the fast and furious and so two similar but like they're gonna do their own fast and furious competing. Podcast network you want to come. Help us boost our numbers. It's family man. Fast and furious coronas and talk about it. Yeah billy i told you. I've been on the set of two different fast and furious and you have said no such thing to me. Hold on a second. You have my full attention all right. So twenty seventeen. I wanted to during a finals. They were shooting fast and furious. In cleveland I believe one of the fast seven is the one where in new york or which ones in new york fast eight they jump around so much. Anyway there's one where this your head. There's a big pile of rusty. So i'm i'm walking my hotel to the rena and i'm walking the first thing that season and why. Pd squad car parked on the street and unlike look at these using taxpayer funds mother efforts like guy drove all the way here to cleveland to watch an nba finals game. Meow okay and wipe. Daca is what i say. And so i keep walking and then gotten i see like that I see like a massive ten car pileup on talking about cars upside down. And there's nypd motorcycle that's on it and smoke. And i'm like holy shit. Holy shit is everyone okay. I'm looking there's nobody should. I call nine one one and then i'm looking around my weight is there's nobody here and there awad. Nypd cop cars in this pile pileup and then some guy. You're in the shot. Oh i thought they corned it all here. There's shooting fastened furious in downtown cleveland. 'cause it looks like new york and so that's impossible. You look like central park. But it's like if you wanted to cheat like this is somewhere downtown. You could got along with a lot of cities you do that with toronto. There's a lot of cities that'll they just all the tax breaks in ohio. Or something like that. That's exactly that's exactly it so usually do it in canada because canada's really cheap and i'm imagining i imagine a lot of cities like probably don't want their the the hub of downtown to be closed off during business hours. Yeah in. Cleveland doesn't matter because the downtown is three blocks on now. You're being snobby. No no no. No no no jessica's right on every. I have walked down downtown. Cleveland a major thoroughfare that six lanes three lanes this week and it looked like a. What's the wills with movie. I am legend legend. All was missing was a deer. Just running around like wait. It was empty and in the middle of the day. I mean have you. So when i was in cleveland for a work a couple of years ago and i was trying to find a starbucks because i needed coffee and i went to the starbucks. Where the it said the starbucks was in. There was no starbucks. So i went inside the building in. There is the staircase so he went down. The staircase and i ended up in this underground labyrinth in downtown cleveland. Where there's like a seven year mall underground. And that's where the starbucks and i got lost in this place because it spanned multiple blocks and it was all underground it was like the weirdest shit i have ever seen in my life. It's like Demolition man when they go down toward Dennis leary lives with the undergrad pizzas. Yes more people. What was the. What was the second fast said that you were on a little disappointing Was on the set for. I wanted to tokyo. Drift our downtown downtown. La and they changed all the street signs to japanese to look like tokyo when. Actually we're in koreatown. So see what i have to do. Is and i send myself a link today because i saw it. I don't remember where on twitter somewhere is. It was a saying this is where you can stream or watch all of the fast movies like leading up to the thing. I need to because tokyo drift. I solved once in theaters like two fast two furious. I saw like years later. But the thing that i'm trying to figure out is do i watch them in terms of when they were released sequentially or do i watch them in their time. Line because that's gonna logically now. They're not recall. Which ones a prequel. None are prequels but tokyo drift took place like after some of the ones that took place when they like started up again. Yeah wasn't fast to tokyo. Drift out of that storyline right. It's kind of like a jason storyline to the second fast and the furious. Which is the miami one correct. Yes tokyo drift by that time. All right the first fast and furious was hot shit afterwards right and he's like i'm not doing this anymore. And then he went off to triple x. Or whatever the thing with the weird blast is what was that movie called that he did Con chronicles of riddick. I think so. I don't know he did something right where. He thought that he wasn't going to be part of this anymore. So then the second. One was like paul walker. Then that's when like introduced ludicrous. And that's when they started introducing. The other knows therese was in the second one. Yeah tirees res tirees yes. We talk about the salat. Therese took quite turn so ludicrous in terms of their characters evolution right so tyree started kind of like as just like this guy that was like muscle right. Were now all the movies. He's kind of a joke like that. He's like the best of all the jokes and ludicrous. Started and ludicrous. Started as just a bit of a book that kinda put anything together and now is like this tech wiz. That knows how to do everything. And it's like how did we end up here with these characters.

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