U.S. Leaves Its Last Afghan Base, Effectively Ending Operations


Us military has left barham airfield in afghanistan as part of the troop withdrawal abc news. Chief global affairs correspondent. Martha raddatz visited afghanistan and spoke with the general overseeing the pullout we are flying over bog rem airfield once home to thirty thousand. Us troops now nearly abandoned the jets gone. Nearly everything gone. This is what packing up. Twenty years of war in afghanistan looks like the. us had a mission when they invaded afghanistan. Right after nine. Eleven to denial kaieda a base of operations and deter attacks on the us homeland from taliban safe haven but two decades later the taliban remains and the biden administration is drawing this mission to a close four star. General austin scott miller is overseeing the withdrawal. He has spent nearly nine of the last. Twenty years on deployments and is now the longest serving general in afghanistan at three years. Paramount is is safety and security of the troops. You've gotten a ton out already. How do you assure that they're safe. Clear objective is not only safe but an orderly withdrawal. If there are attacks we certainly have the ability to respond to those. But as american troops depart fear that large swamps of afghanistan are falling back into the hands of the taliban despaired of attacks dramatically increasing. I've been in kabul here several days. Talk to a lot of afghans. They're very concerned that the taliban will move into coppell. How likely is that. I understand that concern. It goes back to Trying to understand the security situation Across the country if you go back to what the taliban's objectives are they want to take over and so some point. There's a you know that implies at some point they are in kabul

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