Why You Don't Need to Love What You Do

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When i started my entrepreneur journey about nineteen years ago. I really struggled with starting a business that i could stick with for a long period of time because i was convinced or i was told that i have to love it every moment and it has to be my passion. It has to be my calling. And it's so grandiose it so hard to do something that you love every single day and then i realized that's a bunch of bs you don't need to do you love most people. Don't even the most highly successful people in the book. Grit by angela. Wf she talks about olympic athletes swimmers in particular she interviews all of them and she asked him the question. Do you love swimming pretty logical question. I mean if you're a gold medalist you probably love swimming. Riots your passion. The answer was very interesting. This particular gold medallist said. Do i love swimming. Are you asking me if i love waking up at four in the morning so i can jump into a cold pool and spend two hours doing laps looking at nothing but a blue line on the bottom of the swimming pool floor having a really restricted diet. Non being able to eat what. I love having to study film having to train six to eight hours a day to work towards one event every four years. No of course. I don't love that. But i'm willing to do that because i love being champion. I love being great at what i do. And that answer was goal to me because that's exactly the reality of the world. That's the reality of success. People will put up with hard work things that they would never do. The right mind because it's painful. Why do they do it because they want to win because they want to be successful because they want comes with that success so if you wake up every morning and you are not smiling ear to ear every minute of the day when you do the work you need to do for your business. It doesn't mean you're in the wrong business. It doesn't mean you can't be successful.

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