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Welcome to true. Mysteries of the pacific northwest stories of strange and unexplained people places and events often obscured by the time. I'm your host get crumb. Today's podcast has a personal connection for me. I spent a fair amount of my life in broadcast radio and television and moved around fairmount one. I ended up thirty years ago coming. To ashland oregon. I immediately dug into history of the area. And what i found was gold confederate gold in the hills. Just above ashland oregon. And this is the story about. This will stories abound about the spirit of the confederacy in first years in the american civil war and how they want battle after battle against northern foe. Yet the south's campaign against the north would have been impossible without the contribution made by british businesses. The rebel states of the confederate south began the american civil war in desperate need of cash ships and arms although no foreign government officially recognized the confederacy as an independent country. Great britain and france granted belligerent status which allowed confederate agents to make contact with private concerns for arms. One such agent was james bullock. Cotton was a south main export and it was through the port of liverpool. That it made its way to the mills of manchester. It was there. The connections that saw the establishment of frazier trent home and company the liverpool branch the south carolina shipping firm which went on to act as a confederacy european bank december. Thirteen eighteen sixty four while the battle of nashville raged on and under tremendous pressure. Ancient book persuaded the british establishment of frazier trend home and company to trade arms for gold. The conditions location of the trade were agreed upon despite britain's declaration of neutrality. Ten thousand dollars in gold for three thousand rifles and ammunition. The exchange would occur at. Oregon's port orford nary established in eighteen. Fifty one early that month the nameless keyhole schooner set sail from the port of liverpool in two hundred and fifty nine crates rifles and ammunition that cold december of eighteen sixty four a young horse tender fifteen-year-old quint jay howard was recruited to deliver twelve kegs filled half with molasses and half with gold million the molasses on top of course to deter investigation into a keg. Should it occur. Should he be stopped. Poor quinn pulled. The heavy wagon with a four horse team which aside from gold contains six months supplies of food. Hard tack and coffee traversing the rugged countryside guided only by crude map that led him through six states including oregon where the trade was to take place indeed a long in dangerous jeremy because all those days were either neutral or sympathetic to the north after five long months in the loss of one horse on may twenty fourth eighteen sixty five he stumbled upon a toll road located at the base of the siskiyou mountains and operated by lindsay. Applegate people dare. He took advantage of the barnes and managed to obtain a room but while sitting at a long table. Taking dinner with the other guests arrive came in with the news that the war of the south southern rebellion as they called it had ended. Needless to say quintas shocked anxious to head back home and eager to rid himself of the burden of transporting the gold. He waited until midnight when everyone was asleep. Then move the wagon to the middle of the horse pasture and buried all twelve kegs of gold clinton. Never forgot about the gold and in eighteen. Seventy seven at the age of twenty seven and just twelve years after the civil war. He moved to california where he took a stage to the base of the cisco sadly the stage route was well established but the dollar high stage stop and facilities had moved. He tried again in eighteen. Eighty seven this time taking a train over the cisco and ashland oregon then by horsey backtrack but was still unable to find the horse pasture where he buried the goal. Quints settled down in california married and had one son passed away in one thousand nine hundred twenty five at the age of seventy five without ever finding the goal. His son who was a hard rock miner. Just outside jacksonville. Oregon grew up hearing his father's tail and at ninety six recited his father's story to an eight at hearth stone care facility in medford oregon where he was living at the time now on a personal basis. I was that aid at harsh stone in research for this story. I consulted with the museum of the confederacy which was founded in eighteen. Ninety four twenty nine years after lee's surrender at apple matic's. The museum is located in the historic home. That served us the white house for the confederacy. Two blocks north of virginia state capital which ladies hollywood memorial sociation saved from destruction. I also like to mention that. It took a full eleven days for the news. Of abraham lincoln sas nation to reach the state of oregon after hearing the story from quinn son to factor struck me that i needed to research. One was a fifteen year old horse. Tender really used to traverse five six dates over a period of about six months and to the common thought is that the british or europe had nothing to do whatsoever financially with the status of the confederacy. Well i i investigated the horse. Tender issue and indeed fifteen-year-old horse tenders were very common during the civil war. They stayed away from battles and they stabilized. Horses are brought horses off of the battlefield and were often used to cross states with messages and or goal second. A deep digging into history found that the belligerent status that british government and france used allowed them to work financially with the confederacy yet at the same time. Keep their neutral status anyway. An exciting story for me and the goal is still somewhere up in a pasture. I know roughly where it is. This kid crumb. Thanks for listening.

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