Viking-Age Treasure: New Insights Into Life 1000 Years Ago


Martin tell me something about the culture of the area where they scored was found in medieval scotland. So galloway is a region of southwest scotland. That has a long coast that connects it to the irish. Saying but in the ninth century a it would be part of the anglo saxon kingdom of northumbria and so it was referred to in contemporary irish. Sauces added the saxon coast. It has linguistic background. That is very complicated. Because the result of returning ca is because modern welsh linguistic background than you've got an sort of anglo-saxon political control and at the period that the holidays buried you're just beginning to get another linguistic lab as people who are of scandinavian origin. But have been living in this irish. He region for at least a century beginning to settle an occupying particular areas within galloway. and so it's. It's quite a complicated part of the country. And the whole it seems to be buried precisely this time of linguistic and social change and that is a very interesting background and it's also reflected within the material but in old

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