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But was quite good about. Eighty can play steam as well so i've also played hotshot racing on it for example. But yes i am. I am working on a boot to commodore basic grow up menus and things like that nice but one of the fun things was actually modifying heat sinks and fans. I was wondering about profile case. I if you consider the commodore sixty four breath protocols in martin's by morton standards is so. I've been removing fans and putting different aftermarket fans on on mismatch components to make to make it run cool and quiet an i got there and i'm very happy with this thing so next step is to try and upgrade it with even more ridiculous components using it with an external. Gpu as well as the the chassis. So small econ accommodate a full power supplies which using a Psu so only one hundred watts. So can i use like what's on the motherboard. So no gp us maybe some low-powered devices but gp's but having an ap is on the same chip is actually a good use case that yeah not so sixty five pound. Note that it's all listeners. May i have a small child recently. Acquired in my household and we bought a new device recently. So i thought it would be a nice opportunity to do as amir review of that device but also talk about some of the decisions that we make when we buying things for kids and how they might differ from when we buy things ourselves given the when i was a kid was four years ago. Yes they're going. Different necessarily when revolting charles selves as kids when we making women making technology purchasing decisions. Here we say right. So what did you buy. I something called a yoto player. Which is an audio player for. Kids designed to be used by kids. So what is little cube which connects to your wi fi and has a couple of speakers. A nice of soft diffused led matrix display on the front. It's like sixteen by sixteen or something is not very high resolution displays. Yes oh it's like it doesn't. It doesn't display video displays like an icon or something like that To show what's playing and the way the the way that you get stuff onto it is you have a little. Nfc cards which you put in a slot and then that tells you what to play an leader if it's a radio station or it can stream it or if it's an audio book it can download it to the device and play off line and then the way

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