A highlight from 2592 - How New York Helped Keep the Slave Trade Thriving Before the Civil War w/ Jonathan Daniel Wells


The ceo acknowledged mold and unsanitary conditions at their baltimore. Plant and said over one hundred million doses are on hold in texas republican governor greg abbott signs the equivalent of an abortion ban into law banning the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy newsflash. By the way a woman doesn't take notice about this period until at least a week after this gives her one week to schedule the procedure. So this is a ban clearly unconstitutional but still scary with the supreme court that we've got bank. Lobbyists are expressing frustration. Over biden's four billion dollar debt relief plan for black farmers frustrated that they won't be able to maximize profits after decades of discriminatory loan practices. My heart just bleeds for them to silva officially confirmed. He's running against brazilian president. Jair bolsonaro twenty twenty two. What a comeback. And lastly hundreds of corpses are

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