Diddy Shares TBT With J.Lo

Daily Pop


He is trying to get his whole thing back. Honey take a look at this throwback photo did he posted on his i g now he has some port in some supported as corner but there are also some haters to in the stance. You guys looking at this photo looking at this caption. Do you really think did he wanted jaylo back. I think it was like. I'm gonna get in on this action. I don't know what y'all think you're doing without me. I'm this fellow now. But that's my guy. Love him to death but yeah he's the master marketer he sees an opportunity yes and he jumps right in. You know what. I don't know if you took this course but it's called intro to men one oh on shady shady friday variety. I was confused by getting. You know there's a chorus call intro to men wanna watch and when you're single man don't you but the minute you guinean another relationship and you finally put in that relationship on bass all of a sudden that they want to be talking about. Hey big hair. What's been happening always happens that we did he in jail have been in the same city for the last two months have not even thought about any time and this isn't the first time that he's tried to get a little messy and a little petty with her. Do you remember when he left the emojis under that abs- photo of her a few months ago when she was dating a rod and he sparked a whole conversation. He loves a mess on back and forth. I feel like did he just having fun. Let him live. He likes it. Yes

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