It Doesn’t Take a Rock of Science To Figure It Out


At least as. I'm a longtime listener from canada. I really love the podcast looking at the screen protector and couldn't help the giggle when i read this review. So this is a of the bazo three pack. Teepee you soft screen. Basil's jeff visas be zeo. Unfortunately it's the knockoff. But it is on amazon for lg velvet five g maximum coverage hd clear precise whole position questionable what fingerprint support fingerprints. This a computer. Now it is a an. Lg velvet five g. cellular telephones okay. Twelve ninety nine scratch resistant. Soft fiber length thousand two hundred ninety nine one thousand two hundred ninety nine for those jitterbug. No no. it's a screen. Protector what are we talking about. Oh i it's a cellular device. Sorry bays of three pack teepee. You saw the beginning four. Lg velvet all five g and it has like. I didn't listen to anything until june. So sorry there's so many they get lost. It is a screen protector. scratch resistant. soft fiber layer twelve dollars and ninety nine cents. Okay so screen protectors. Do you remember the jitterbug though And i remember the commercials very well numbers man. Those were those were days are now called lively. Really they still sell yeah hammer. They also had like crickets. But those were before cricket. Wireless came along which i thought was an unfortunate. Then don't get me started on the cricket machine. There's a lotta creek remember that time. I read a cricket review in the new kirk review. What yours was about actual insects. And you're like we get the same review although it was actually. Yeah that was. A weird moment happens when i listened back to our okay. This is a review. It's a one view. Sorry at least it's been sitting on pins and needles is entire time. This is a view by hayden. It's a verified purchase called. it's not worth the money. I was expecting the screen protector to only be a stick on piece of paper not too happy about that one but it does go on nice and easy to install doesn't take a it really took me by surprise but it does go on nice and easy easy to install doesn't take a rocket science to figure it was like. Oh jesus okay this one this one would have been good for your idiom challenge. Like false wrong idioms. Yes rock of science is. I don't think i've ever heard that before. Rock of science doesn't take a rocket science to figure that one i wish it was a little bit thicker for a screen protector. Not worth the money. Definitely not one sir. Good science is just like the most ironic statement of all. Because it's like this doesn't take so simple that it doesn't take a science go sequel to school of

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