4 Pillars to Create Financial Freedom With Eric Ortiz


Eric brother. Welcome to the superman. Life banks by the yemen. I'm a. I'm really fired up to date. It's a conversation. I've really been looking forward to to happen for a while. I think it's something we talk about. You know we talk about making money on the show. Ally interviewed a lot of successful entrepreneurs. I talk about the five ass of building a superman life in finance really being right there in the dead middle so i'm real excited to get in today and really talk about how people can create financial freedom and what to do with your money wants to start making it so as those are watching on youtube could see. I took this conversation a little bit serious. I got dressed up for today. Rocking the rocking the unarmed polo. Where we're ready man. I think where. I want to start though and this is a question that thousands of people are sitting on the edge of their seat to get the answer to this keeping. You've been professional athlete. You played a couple of years in the nfl. You had a little stint here with the tampa bay storm. You know obviously playing linebacker in college. You've been around incredible athletes your entire life. My first question. Eric is what is it like being teammates with frank rich. And what is your greatest memory of our championship winning softball sees okay man. I is a novel question. I'm so glad you asked that First of all I team to the great frank. Rich was blessing You know he brought it in the muscle brought in the four of clean up their position and Mad at first the first season we played a you remember that man what our team was great but we could have some improvements during the offseason. We recruited We got some good athletes on our team and the second is last following season man in return and it was a phenomenal phenomenal season. You had a couple of home runs. I let off the probably one the biggest lead off. Henry's out there willing mobile team. That rela only lost two games in the regular season in two years way back and those two did they lost was to own squad baby so it was awesome man it was It was a great time to develop relationship and and to learn from whether they do. And how you impact people all across the world brother

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