A highlight from June 14th: Dr. Deirdre Pilch and Kathleen Sgamma HR 3


Of the restrictions fall by the wayside. And i have to wonder what the overall impact will be on education particularly k through twelve education as we move into and sorry to use a one of those new phrases that popped up during a time of covid. Nineteen in the new normal as we finally put this pandemic though it's still going to be floating around but we put the pandemic part of the equation behind us. You know. I think gail there's no question. This is changed all of us forever and and certainly changed education. And and in some very good ways you know. We've talked before about How really advanced technologically. We moved to the synchronous. Learning and i are teachers. Teaching and new in different ways and students learning different ways so That's been a positive impact of this. I think we're much more aware of germs. And i have had a staff member. Say i've never thought so much about Particulates and respiratory droplets As i do now after you know after having learned about covert. And i think you know we i think we very well may see some folks continuing to wear masks. Don't you think. I mean. I assume that's possible. Yeah and to each their own because we saw side of the equation. You know way back. When when people weren't wearing masks inciting the ire of others now who choose to wear a mask unfortunately are experiencing the exact same thing hearing you know under the breath comments. That are loud enough for them to listen to and getting the stink eye for wearing a mask. Say no whatever makes you comfy. Go with it and you know one of the things. We're working with our social emotional team on is how do we make sure we have safe environments so if there are children whose family still want them wearing masks to school if the mask mandate is indeed lifted as it. Looks like it very likely will be You know we still need a safe environment. Where families and children who feel like for their own protection. to wear a mask that that they can and not have that fear of bullying for that and at the same time. You know not to bully folks who choose to not wear masks. It works both ways. I mean we all. We don't always have to have something to say about everything. Sometimes go back to what my mom always told me. If you have nothing nice to say perhaps you could just zip. They don't say anything at all. That's right you go. I remember that so again. Kind of a departure from the norm. But you know what. I have noticed as ever since you know governor. Jared polis along with other governors across the country saying that Mass are no longer required. But it's a recommendation. And i can't tell you i mean you can feel it. It's palpable. how happy people aren't i. Count myself among them. Just seeing people's faces again. I mean we're striking up conversations. Like in grocery store lines and i have to wonder. How are the kids doing well. So i say right now indoors. We still have masks required now. That very well could. That could very well change after tonight. I have a school board meeting this evening and and we're planning to talk about that new public health order so that public health order Does not require masks in schools for individuals who are fully vaccinated so You know we. We've got to have that conversation you know. Do we say mass not required. If you're fully vaccinated and you know make the mask optional. Right now no master required outdoors. Lots of teachers and students are doing lots of activities outdoors of course And enjoying that. Time away from the mask. Yeah and it's healthy. All the way around. I mean they're out in the fresh air and the sunshine and you know enjoying nature of which i really think is bomb for a troubled soul during covid nineteen. No kidding no kidding. Absolutely but what about the kids i mean. I can't help but think they are just so relieved and so excited and so happy just to be out and with each other and to see their friends and you know one of the big changes has been. We just opened up the co gordon. A little bit so kids are able to see more kids and more teachers that make seen in the past you know. We went through a a full school year. A students primarily with the same. You know twenty twenty five kids all year long and so that that has changed with summer. School somewhat We've opened that up and Am children are seeing more teachers than they saw during the regular school year.

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