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Got a very special different episode for everyone today instead of a, an author I have Tara from Cobo, if you are an author, you've probably heard her on a lot of podcast, senior at a conference or some event. If you are a reader and you've been looking for new books and you haven't heard of Cobo, this is a great interview. You really want to hear about this essentially Kobo wage is like the e-book distributor for Canada, but they do distribute worldwide. And to the US, they are not just canadian-based but it is something different other than Amazon, if you've been getting your books. So there are a lot of authors that have specials going on. At Cobo. There are some books that Kobo you may not find elsewhere, there are places in the world that Coba wage is that Amazon does not. So it is a good service for an author. It's also good for readers and that's what we focus on in this episode, I talked to Tara about birth All co-benefits readers. We talk about the benefits of the service. We also talked about the Nook device and how great it is, and what she really thinks of the device and finding the books. If you liked this episode, check out combo. Find some authors support them on Kobo. If you haven't heard other episodes of discovered wordsmiths, go back, listen to them, check out the new Authors, look, go to our website and look for a genre that you like and check out those authors. You can listen to Just the episodes that interest you. And if you do like the authors, get their books. If you like the podcast, if it's helped you off the book, please leave us a review. Leave us some Stars. It will help others find us help. Keep going what I've been trying to do. So without any further Ado, here's Tara Well, Tara, let me give you an official. Welcome, it's good to have you on. How are you doing today? I'm great. Thank you for having me if we're going to talk a bit about Cobo which is who you work for you before we do that. Tell us a little bit about you and your job. And what Cobo is sure. So my name is Tariq lemon and I'm the director of co-writing life for English language. So what that means is that I kind of run the co-writing, left side on the english-based languages, which is the self-publishing platform that allows authors and Publishers anywhere to get really easily publish their ebooks and audiobooks and make them available on Kobo and Cabos, partner sites. So then to explain what Cobo is. I think a lot of people wonder about the name and it really is all about books to the state that Kobo is an anagram of the word book and it is a digital retailer that sells rep. And audio books and is available in all over the world headquarters here in Canada, which is where it's based, it where it was created. But our parent company company is a repetition, which is a Japanese e-commerce company, right? Yes. They also I think on GameStop I believe which is Big down here, maybe. I don't know about. They are in terms of the where you might recognize them from there, one of the sponsors for their Golden State Warriors. So you might have seen rakitin on some boundaries and for FC Barcelona as well which is a great team but they acquired Ebates not that long ago. So Ebates is not acting now which is not rewards system so that might have been familiar but they do have their foot in a lot of things. So they couldn't eat be involved with GameStop and I might have missed that because there are so many programs like yep. Thank you. Yes. Yes. They basically do anything. You can think of they do just about everybody listening, probably knows about Amazon, but Amazon wage isn't Just Books. That's how they started. And I ordered some books from them. Clear back in the day but they have a little bit of everything that you can get. Whereas Kobo is really just the book part of it. I don't know if that's confusing for people. Sometimes, what would you say to somebody that says why I've got Amazon? I don't understand why there'd be another one. Why would need another one? Yeah, I think that that depends on where you are from. So in Canada covid-19, Main differentiate or, or not the main differentiator, but yes, the reason why people would kind of Be Wondering Why a couple but actually been around for quite some time. So I think it's the 11th or 12th year into cobos. Existence. So we have been kind of selling books and being available in the digital retail space for some time. And we're while we might not be as well known in the states. We have a footprint all over the world and we have some very strong Partnerships in Europe and in Australia and New Zealand in Asian countries as well. Especially Japan, given that our parent company is Japanese but so, whereas Cobo might not ring book to you right away in other countries, it definitely would because I, you know, depending on, when people get to Market first and, and things like that. So yeah, you have to think about, like, eleven years ago, Amazon wasn't everywhere. It seems like it is now slowly taking over the world. But, yeah, that's sort of explains how we, how we fit aligned and aligned with them, Cobo focuses on digital, you don't do anything with print. You don't have print is, I guess has that made a difference to you, think good, or bad? Or is that something that's considered just interested? Yeah, I think it's definitely made a difference in that it like, allows us to have our focus on the digital product home and soak oboe. We sell ebooks and audiobooks available on our apps, which are kind of on IOS and Android, but we also make some of the best e-readers in the world. I would say the best e-readers in the world. So every time we have an e-reader that comes out with the get crazy, good reviews and they're just like, really, really great digital reading experience home. And I myself use the Copa Forma and I love it. It has tons of books waterproof. Basically, I was going to say, smash proof, but don't quote me on this phone, but they have everything that you could want in any in a digital product. So, definitely focusing on digital has allowed us to put all of this extra time and energy into that. And that's not to say that we disregard physical books. We are a book fans. I have too many books in my house as most people do as well. And so often we, exactly, yeah, I'm one of those people that I actually really like hardcovers as well. The heavier, and the harder to Lug around, I sometimes just really enjoy those but we kind of decided that the best strategy would be to partner with people that already know the bookselling if in the print side inside an art. So yep. With the likes of some of the brick-and-mortar stores that I mentioned like in to go in Canada and we have Fanatic in France and there's other kind of other places throughout the world. So what we were able to do was sort of bring our digital expertise to them and allow their customers to have the option of digital reading and then we can link works to the print books. They're so we're kind of giving customers the option for everything because Coco's ethos is sort of just making, you know, getting as many books in front of, as many people, however, they would like to read them. So that's kind of. Yeah, we're basic thing about books in in, in all the forms. So, whereas we don't do print ourselves, our

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