Cleveland Cavaliers Beat Boston Celtics


Lose against. This is a method upper-right. This is much as I have to say. That's it. That's unfortunate. So, you have time to Celtics have left John speechless, look at home. You know what? Bobby's going to say something. That'll accept me. More than what happened tonight? I'm sure. So, I don't know what. Bobby go. Go, go, go, go ahead. Now, the pressure is on the do it. I was going to say is that you should a sense coming into today, that's what Brad. Said, free game that the teams kind of packing in at this point they're in a good position to walk up 7. They obviously have some guys with some bumps and bruises here. So it wasn't surprising to see smart kind of packed in and we probably won't see him. The rest of the way. I'd imagined rabu definitely won't see the rest of the way as he tries to recover from that tariff do. I just wonder dog. Rodger and I were kicking this back and forth to start this one. Why is Tatum playing heavy minutes on a back-to-back? Why is Tristan Thompson still out there as he deals with a peck strain, you push in those guys and off the others back and you still don't even win the game. You kind of you said there in this game that you thought the Celtics were trying to win. John, I didn't see anything that pointed that out today. I didn't see it from an effort standpoint. I saw it from a strategic standpoint. You started taking them, you played Tristan, wasn't a hundred percent you played for, like I said, we can debate the merits of starting to remount Waters tonight. I understand the philosophy. I think you wanted him to calm down sex in a little bit. That was the theory behind that. I'm not saying it's the right call, but he clearly played the best. What he thought was the line up to win tonight's game, but I just didn't understand any of it, you know, like, you know, what's the point of planning? If you're not really going to try? What's the point of keeping Tatum out there till thirty seconds left in the fourth quarter of a game that had been decided for a while. Like why is dead? Still playing heavy minutes. Like what do you? What was the what are you doing? What are we doing

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