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Inside the box. Oddities brain works in weird ways. Last night i was getting ready for bed. I got out of the shower. And i go to the drawer where i keep all my underpants where you put. Yeah and i found i was i was getting low. So i'm back to the exhilarates aggressive away. Tell telling me that. I need to do more of your laundry like no no. It's getting low. Underpants never never ever watched. I appreciate that you wash my underpants. But i have some older ones that i've delegated to backup status and so i was down to that because you hadn't done any laundry recently so i pull these old pans out of the back of the drawer and the elastic waistband was all frayed. Coming could see the elastic waistband. The seam in the in the underpants so at this point. You're in the shower. So i went in i three hundred pants and the garbage and then this morning i got up a little bit before you did and i was making coffee this year passive aggressive way of telling me i need to get up earlier. Maki coffee no so. I'm up early. And i'm making coffee because you're lazy and i get the carafe and it has the coffee grounds in it from the night or from the day before for the love of god and so i- empty them into the trash or they land right on top of my underpants and so immediately before you get up. I start rearranging the garbage. So it doesn't look like shit myself through minor pants away. Have you ever done that. No shit your underpants. Now throw them away like at work. Take them out to the dumpster. I've i've never shit my pants as an adult person. So really me neither. There was that one time. Though that i went to throw an old pair of underwear into the trash and i was gonna sing taps for them but then i was like halfway through imperial march before i realized what i was doing wrong up. That's not wait. So i got a story for you that that doesn't involve underpants. Are you ready. yes in two thousand. Fourteen california resident guy named webster. Lucas which is a cool name. He went to his neighborhood mcdonalds. Just to get a little sneaky snack. I guess when he received disorder they. They slid the trae across the counter to him. He was infuriated when he realized that he had only received one napkin. Oh my goodness so. Of course he asks to speak the manager and he got into an argument that was described by witnesses. As quote potentially racially charged. The manager tried to calm lucas down over his napkin rage. But in fact he offered him some free burghers well. I'm sorry i was. He not offered more napkins. Yeah i guess he was but that wasn't good enough. Oh so he wanted something else. They offered him free burgers and that wasn't good enough. And lucas claimed that the incident left him emotionally distressed and unable to go to work so he filed a lawsuit he decided the best response would be to sue mcdonalds for one point five million dollars. I'm i'm so confused right now at this at this very moment i don't even know. I don't even have questions to ask because i. It's all one vendor stan. Here what okay. So basically he gets one nap getting to gets angry and he doesn't get the result that he wants. And i don't even know what that was had. He heard about like the chick who sued. Mcdonald's over the hot coffee was looking for some sort of could have been. I mean not from work that was nineteen ninety four when that happened and this was twenty fourteen. So yeah he he may have. I'm sure everybody's heard that story. So he gets one napkin in in because of that. He says he was under duress. Emotional duress and sued the company for one point five million dollars. This is the beginning of what became known as napkin gate by. Who calls a napkin gate. Whole probably the media. We can't just put gate after anything. That's a thing it's always gate. The thing is lucas apparently had taken on fast food corporations in the past gasp. Are you telling me. He's a con man. Nbc news in los angeles said that before he filed this one point five million dollar lawsuit against mcdonald's he also filed to against jack in the box restaurants. Neither of those cases ended up with him. Receiving any compensation they were thrown out as frivolous Lucas is what is called a vexatious litigant which is a fancy term for people who file frivolous lawsuits in claims there should be a law weller is. There should be a better enforced. Lie when he filed the mcdonald's lawsuit. Lucas was not on california's vexatious. Litigant list being on that list would have prevented him from filing any frivolous law if you file enough frivolous lawsuits. That'd be like nope. no more lawsuits for you. That's right with we're a period of time okay. But as recently as two thousand eighteen he was on the vexatious litigant list and they cited the twenty fourteen. Mcdonald's case as the reason why that seems fair so today we're going to talk a little bit about some of the most ridiculous lawsuits that have ever been filed. I am thrilled about this and also already anxious. Because i know this is going to upset me because frivolous lawsuits cost us all money. Back in two thousand seven at administrative law judge named roy pearson took some close to his dry cleaners in washington. Dc so he goes back a few days later to pick up his laundry gets back to his house and he discovers that he's missing a pair of pants so he goes back to the dry cleaners to complain. The dry cleaner set apologized and looked around and found his pants but pearson said those aren't my pants and he demanded a thousand dollars for a new suit k where they really not his or do we not know the answer to that. I do not know the answer to this. The dry cleaner said you know. He declined to give him the thousand dollars. So this guy's a judge right. He files a lawsuit against custom cleaners for losing his pants. Suit custom cleaners for sixty seven million dollars eventually. That demand was denied so he dropped the amount to what he considered a more reasonable fifty. Four million dollars the judge. The case obviously ruled in favor of custom cleaners and part of the decision was pearson had to pay custom cleaners court fees which was roughly a thousand dollars. But that's not where it ended later. A couple years later in twenty-six reporters from the washington post put some pieces together and they found that the dc board of professional responsibility and discovered that pearson had committed to ethics violations. When it came to the customs are custom cleaners case they recommended sanctions that included pearson be placed on probation for a period of time and not be allowed to practice law for two years. Well i think. That's super sketchy. I mean a judge coming after a dry cleaner. I mean over a pair of pants. Yeah seems a little outrageous. Also why dry cleaner like do you. Do you know something. I don't know about dry cleaners. And their funds. No maybe there are laundering money anyway. Then there's the story of imprisoned pimp. Sergio sanford cloudy. It

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