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Guys. The stare down between the Packers and Aaron Rodgers continues. There's two and no progress between the two sides toward detente. The backers brought in Blake Bortles Butt head coach, Matt LeFlore left, no doubt who he wants to start it or be and that's Aaron Rodgers. I've got nothing new toe update and we still obviously feel the same way it Z. You know? You want him back in the worst way? No, He knows that. And, um We'll continue to work at it each and every day. Dylan Waddle is officially in the fold in Miami, reportedly signing his rookie deal of fully guaranteed four year contract for the sixth pick overall out of Alabama. There are two games left the NBA regular season still guaranteed playoff spots to be decided as well as positioning. The Sixers had been rolling with eight straight wins, but have since suffered back to back losses and still need either a win or a nets lost to wrap up the East. The schedule those favorable Will host the magic for the final to the Jazz have yet to clinch the West. They're stuck on 50 wins and have it just the one game lead over the idol sons. They will face the thunder tonight in Oklahoma City. Also bottom of the fourth. The Royals in front of the White Sox by a score of five to Salvador Perez is eighth home run of the season. I'm Red Chakra Heaven Take the gym room show weekday afternoons on CBS Sports Radio.

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