Death Threats for Calling out Bad COVID Science


On science fiction. It's natasha mitchell. And today i want you to meet three. I'm going to call them. Troublemakers four truth in the past year. I've all made on social media. And they've all put their scientific correze and actually even they lives on the line to call at dodgy science because although science will help us in this pandemic the pandemic has also spawned a whole raft of flawed research hastily done poorly designed published why too fast and riddled with potential conflicts of interest and when the world's watching more closely than usual desperate for kua as we are bad science gets amplified by the media on social media and yes especially by that former president with a trigger finger on twitter but it also lands in clinics where doctors are trying to save lives and that can be deadly. I'm nathan has major. I move infectious disease doctor. In paris advocate hospital Be shuttled bell. Now it's not like i've processed everything that happened Because we are still in the middle of a very active epidemic in france seems never ending for us. We only have covid nineteen patients with severe disease because vegas hospitalized when they need oxygen or they have any all failure we sending the ones that need intensive care to intensive care when we will taking charge of emin discharging them when when we can so that we can have new rooms because we we. We still have a lot of patients coming. Who need to be hospitalized.

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