Liz Cheney Drama Is Not Significant for Everyday Americans Despite the Media Hype


A critical of Mr Trump and publicly supportive of Liz Cheney and Dan Crunch of Texas, who says he's neither a trump loyalist. Or an anti trump, er and I'm gonna begin with Congressman Crenshaw. Congressman Welcome to meet the press on Let me just start with whether you agree with the following analysis, which is This. Cheyney was kicked out of leadership simply because she wouldn't carry the water of former President Trump's election lies. Do you agree with that statement? No. Fundamentally, I don't look Thanks for having me on. I was a little surprised because I've been so detached from this drama, and it is drama over the past month. But I have followed it. And look, you can't forget that We already had this vote for Liz Cheney. We had this vote in that vote was directly because of her vote for impeachment, and she won overwhelmingly Republican Conference said. Look, we disagree and listed, not apologize, and she said she would not apologize. And she still won that vote overwhelmingly to be a leader in our conference. You can't forget that you can't cross over that fact. What happened after that? I think the reason that a lot of our colleagues got got more frustrated with her is because effectively, she kept demanding that everybody else start apologizing. So she refuses to apologize. Which is fine. I don't think she should. Then she demands everybody else does. And I think what Kevin McCarthy was trying to say there was. Look, there is disagreement, and it's time to move on. We can. We can keep having that fight if we'd like. But what is the point? What is the outcome? When in reality, we need to be talking about the things that American people actually care about. I got to tell you. This is not the subject that I'm asked about. I get asked a lot of questions, always doing events was meeting with people. I never get asked about this. I get us about buys the rising inflation. Why is there a border crisis? What is going on in the Middle East? Why can't we get gas? What is happening to our energy infrastructure? Why can't I hire people where they're getting paid by the government to stay at home instead of come to work. These are things that really affect people, not this internal drama. And one of the reasons I agreed to come on your show is basically to say that this isn't that important to people well, but why should anybody believe a word you say if the Republican Party itself doesn't have credibility I'm

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