The vision of Israel and the Palestinian


Number One is euro conducted dozens of airstrikes on the Gaza Strip today after Palestinian militants fired barrages of rockets at southern Israeli cities. The predawn raids on Gaza, where some of the heaviest I've seen since the fighting began a week ago. Meanwhile, international calls for a cease fire continued to mount. The U. N Security Council held an emergency meeting yesterday. Security Council Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield, it is critical. All parties return to working in good face toward the vision of Israel and the Palestinian state. Living side by side in peace number two gasoline shortages that have plagued the East Coast are slowly easing, with 1000 more stations receiving supplies yesterday. As the country's largest fuel pipeline network recovers from a crippling cyberattack. The six day closure of colonial pipeline system was the most disruptive cyber attack run record, Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff of California told CBS. Those behind the hacking need to be prosecuted, but we're all too vulnerable. I think the government is also going to have to go

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