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The first weekend in the NHL and the playoffs, They started out hot and heavy, with multiple games going into sudden death that also includes the Golden Knight in the Minnesota Wild. Unfortunately, the audio that we have is not great. So that's why we didn't play that one. But it's worth noting that the only team in the postseason that the Golden Knights had a losing record against this year Woz, the Wild 34 and one on so this is going to be a good Syriza, too. If you think about the potential and how close they were during the season and then even their first game in which there are Literally no goals for all of regulation until they get to sudden death. Kyle Palmieri's with his second goal of the game for the Islanders. You hear that, with Chris King on the Islanders radio network took him nearly all of that first period in overtime before they finally got a goal. And then in addition, we end up with the overtime, John Walton on the capital's radio network caps and Bruins in their series opener. It's almost as though the NHL was trying to capture our attention right away before there's any competition from the MBA playoff. So which of these Syriza whether hoops air hockey are you most looking forward to Robert on Twitter, a low radio says hurricanes and predators and coming up on this Monday they continue with three more games on the ice, including Nashville at Carolina. And so that's Ah. Game number one Syriza opener that they're beginning just on Monday and then also, you've got the blues and the Avalanche who are the President, Trophy winners and then Boston at the capital's, and That's game number two. We just heard with John Walton and the sudden death overtime call. No, it's it's word. Your investment. I know there are debates over whether or not Sitting through a game, which are no goals, eyes compelling and is worth paying attention to. But how about this? If you're not a fan of hockey, maybe start with just the sudden death because that will suck you it and take your breath away faster than you know what hit you? It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio 855 to 1 to 4 to 27. That's our toll free line on Twitter, a low radio then also on our Facebook page at the another tweet about hockey, the leaves in the habit of one of the oldest rivalries in sports. And then he says Tampa And Florida Lightning versus Panthers, of course, lighting or the defending champs. Wow, what a game one another tweet this one about hoops. The Mavericks rematch against the Clippers is the theory that he is most looking forward to her then James says, because it looks like LeBron injured himself again. Lakers and Warriors, which won't be a syriza, but Let's hope we get the best that those two teams have to offer. As I say These guys are are are banged up a lot of them anywhere dealing with maladies and injuries and and bruises. And even though it's the play in tournament and not the full bracket The full two months of the Caesar the the postseason. It really is surviving advance a war of attrition and guys who have playoff experience. They know that I have no doubt that LeBron James will be ready when he needs to be, and even if he is hobbled, who find ways to compensate because that's the kind of Wisdom and experience that he brings to the table. He understands how toe get through even when you're not feeling your best is most veterans do So Which Syriza? Are you most looking forward to know? Before we get to that? Couple of things. We've got our man crush Monday. Pull up and you may be wondering why Rafi on a doll is one of our candidates for man crush Monday. Well, here's what Rafa managed to do over the weekend. Oh, just be Novak joke of it in the Italian Open final. Rafa's 10th he already on the record, he added to the record now. 10 Italian Open titles still Killing it on clay, and this matters because the French Open is just weeks away. He's already won 13 at Roland Garros, 13th men's singles titles that Roland Garros and if he would win 1/14, and he's certainly the favorite. He would bypass Roger Federer for most Grand Slam singles titles on the men's side all time. For the For the longest time, it looked as though federal Woods was setting a pace that would never be caught. And because he's gotten older and because of injuries, it's actually just talking to a friend of mine who works for Indian Wells, Esso, their tournaments not been rescheduled. It's been canceled two years in a row down there hoping for a date later in the fall. They cannot play in the desert in the middle of summer time because it would be worse in the Australian Open. She said To me this weekend. Oh, yeah. Gotta up to 108. Yeah, even if it is a dry heat, so they have to wait until the temperatures start to drop a little bit, which leaves them with fewer options later in the season later in the circuit, But she works in the tennis industry, and we were talking about the fact that we May have seen the last of federal not I hope he returns. I hope 2020 Andhra fact that he didn't play the knee injury, but also the pandemic and everything that happened hope that he was able to use That time away to recover and be strong. Even if we never see him win another Grand Slam. I can't stand the idea that we would have seen the last of Federer. But a 39 years old, You can imagine there are a bunch of athletes. Maybe it has nothing to do with age that we may not see again because of everything that happened. I'm thinking Olympics, too, and the more international athletes that speak out now, the more they're taking a wait and see approach and they're unsure about the Tokyo Olympics, which are set to begin in July. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio Steph right now is dominating the polls.

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