What Is Gaslighting and How Do the Democrats Do It?


Thrown around a lot. But you know what it means. Gaslighting is a multi step process of getting people to believe. Things are real that are. In fact, not real that are fake is based on a movie gaslight. And this this this woman and if you ever see in a modern text, what's the girl on the train or something? That's a more modern version of it where this abusive husband gets the wife to believe all of these things happen that she did them while she was drunk and stupor, and none of them in fact happened. That's what gaslighting is. Gaslighting is getting people to believe things that are fake. Repeating a lot. How do you do it? How do you do that gas like people into believing what's not? Reality is in fact real well, you do it in a multi step process. You tell people they lie. That's not enough People lie all the time and get caught. And up the show, like G Edward Griffin said decades ago. Repeat the lie often. Another step. Repeat the lie confidently. Don't waver. Don't equivocate at all. State that lie confidently stated proudly. You know it's a lie, but stayed it like you really believe it. This is for real. I got a case of the for reals. And then the last part you have to isolate people from the truth. The media and the fact checkers play that role the left wise, they lie all the time. They lie. Often, they lie confidently. And they have to isolate people from the truth and the way they isolate people from the truth again is using this consortium of media hacks and so called fact checkers and social media. To isolate people from the truth. It shows in the polls

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