Pop Smoke’s Second Posthumous Album, ‘Faith,’ Hits No. 1

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Pop spoke second posthumous album. Faith debuted at number one on the billboard. Two hundred chart garnering the late rapper. His second leader. The guest laden collection was released on july sixteenth and starts with eighty eight thousand equivalent album units earned in the us in the week ending july. Twenty second according to 'em rc. Data the standard twenty track faith album features more than twenty guest stars including chris brown future duleep and kanye west deluxe version of faith with four bonus tracks was released on july twenty. First pop. Smoke previously topped the billboard. Two hundred with shoot for the stars aim for the moon which debuted at number one on the list dated july eighteenth twenty twenty and spent two nonconsecutive weeks atop the chart the set which was billed as the rappers. First studio album went on to be the number three most popular album of twenty twenty according to marcy data and it also won the twenty twenty one billboard music award for top billboard two hundred album and on the latest billboard two hundred by the way the album actually jumps eleven to nine with twenty eight thousand. Units earned yeah. His his mom came in accepted the award on his behalf at as And it's just man the fact that this man is like doing so well commercially after he passes just really upsetting because you wish he was here for it. Basically i've i've wondered i. I don't mean this in the morbid way. It's just you know with with artists who release material posthumously. I wonder how much how much they recorded before they pass. You know for someone like to pock. He had many albums that he released after. He died Hugely successful albums. That went to number one. And i wonder for someone like pop smoke. How much did he have. Sort of already. Recorded in a vault somewhere. What was he someone like prince where he just was always recording and always putting stuff down on tape So it'll be interesting to see what

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