California Governor Gavin Newsom Has a Problem and Larry Elder Is Here to Solve It


Gavin newsom has a problem on his hands. He's got. He's got a problem with a lot of disaffected angry. Frustrated californians who just simply are fed up with the direction the state is going. And i'm hearing from california's every day. Who say larry elder is exactly what this state needs. And where do you start. Two point two million californian signed a petition to recall this man and it is estimated that between twenty five percent. They've even thirty percent. Were independent and democrats voted him just two years earlier. You start with the famous meal that he had at the restaurant called the french laundry. I never heard of it. Until until i found out it was in napa valley and i thought it was one of the most elite restaurants in california is not i thought it was. The most elite restaurant in america is not one of the most elite restaurants in the world and wind. Tab alone was twelve thousand dollars being picking picking it up and it wasn't just that he was dining there while he was shutting down business elsewhere. He was dining with the very same medical professions. Who dropped who drafted the corona virus mandate. They were violating. They weren't totally distancing wearing masks and meanwhile he has his own kids in private education in school and he exempted his own winery from the mary a mandate he was imposing on everybody else. Now i was a small businessman. I ran a business for fourteen years. It was accessible. I sold it was still going after i sold. It didn't liquidated didn't go bankrupt. But i will tell you more. Nearly half of all small businesses in going bankrupt and those revive are often operating on very thin margins. How many lies. How many dreams. How many hopes that. He just dashed by shutting down this date in the most severe way than any other governor.

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