Shame and Guilt in the Artist


Now. I know this might sound a little interesting Shame and guilt in the oddest because there is such a wide array of opinion about these subjects in in the arts. You have a group of people that literally believe that because we are human and because we are communicating to humans through arts that we should try to use whenever possible. Shame and guilt and in all the other things that are inside us. But we're just talking about shame and guilt and this show and use it on a regular basis and in fact Use it all the time practically and then of course you have another group that say You know issue used sparingly or. Should this be used strategically. You know where we're has them real relevancy so that you can still remain an artist or you can still have something that's artistic and not just a rant or rave or you know a complaint or something like that and then of course you still have another group top of that that believe that somehow in some way we should try to put together things arts whether it's nonfiction frictional. Whatever doubt don't really have a lotta bearing in our lives or maybe even a lot of bearing in people's lives in general they just stories period. You know or like a science fiction writer. I know tells me all the time mark now this is real so i mean i don't need to be gene roddenberry and try to lose every single thing that's happening on earth in order to make my science fiction relevant. He makes he makes fun of the word relevant a lot. I mean he has a point. i don't wanna go as far as he he's gone to where You know he can't do anything. It is writing ille- resembles anything that happens on. Earth happens with human beings because everybody any anyway marked. So what's the big deal

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