Biden and Democrats Were the Original Anti-Vaxxers, Anti-Mask Wearers


I'm not an anti vax. I know they're out there. And of course they accuse you of this. They're the Anti-vaxxers as I recall all last summer. No, I'm not going to trump and I don't trust him. You know, I'm not going to be vaccine so forth, and now they embrace the trump vaccines like there's no tomorrow. You realize this folks? But for operation Warp speed and President Trump and his entire team His outstanding team that was mocked and mocked and mocked. Including by Quack quack Fauci. I mean, ultimately. We wouldn't have these vaccines as soon as we did. What would Joe Biden be doing now? Have you ever seen incompetence like this before in your life? With such a serious matter. On Donald Trump's watch were hit with this virus. The big issue is Don't call it the China virus. Why? Well, but then you're racist. What came from China? That's right. So he spent weeks on that The outbreak happens in Nancy Pelosi's running around Chinatown in San Francisco and terror. He follow me. Don't hide, Then the number one man. Infectious disease man. Don't wear a mask. I'm sitting there with my medical student. Step daughter and my wife and I said, Okay, we're getting masks. What do you mean, Marc? I'm no doctor. But if he says, don't get a mess, that means we're getting mess. Why? How many surgeons Conduct surgery without a mess.

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