Democrats Can't Decide What's the Narrative of the January 6th Events


When they listen to show because they can't settle on a narrative because they can't decide if they want to stake the claim that this U S soil since 9 11 by a bunch of planned, violent extremists have been violent the whole time, therefore be attack against every trump supporter because they want to associate everyone with some of the violence that happened on that day, right? That's so they don't they don't know if that's going to be the better narrative to indict half the United States population or is the better narrative because Donald Trump might run again? That it was definitely Donald Trump, who did it. It was a largely peaceful rally. Until that point, you get that. Do you understand that? Does that make sense? You got to get that before we move on because they don't understand. What they're basically doing is they're balancing two competing narratives, both of which, factually can't be correct. It was either a planned insurrection or Donald Trump instigated it. You can't have both of those stories don't make sense, right? Again. I know the coins begun in 11, even though you know, semi reasonable Democrats are like, Yeah, well, you know, he's kind of right. You can't have both of those things at the same time. The semi reason it's a very small portion. Maybe 001% But they're trying to determine which one of those narratives does the most political damage. Do we want to make sure Donald Trump's political career is over and that we destroy him and make him public enemy number one? Satan incarnate. He incited this. Write him. He didn't him alone so that he can't run again. Is that more important? Or is it important to destroy the reputations of anyone who voted for Donald Trump and associate them with some of the things that happened on January? 6th by saying No, No, this was planned. All these Maga people knew about it.

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