How Important Is Broadband to the $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan?


Here. In washington including president biden are hoping debate on a one point two trillion dollar infrastructure. Package could start as early as monday. Just before the august recess senate republicans blocked a procedural vote to start that debate this this week pushing for more time to hammer out details. You've got the usual talk of roads and bridges. Yes but broadband access is another key part of the legislation with the draft showing sixty five billion dollars. Devoted to expanding high speed internet access across the country and details are starting to emerge about what form that might take. It's a topic for quality assurance where we take a second look at a big tech story. John hendel is technology reporter at politico covering the blow-by-blow. I mean this is kind of wonky. Dc battle but it's been about how fast broadband should be. That's been a key. Part of this from the gecko. The original plans you saw from many democratic lawmakers would have pushed for very fast speeds hundred megabits a second download and upload. This new draft does show slightly more modest goals. Why this matters is kind of what technology used to try to fix the digital divide many democrats would like fiberoptic cable. Lines laid down there. This would be future-proof this would be good for decades but that would also mean if you put these benchmarks in wireless companies some cable. Companies satellite broadband. Companies like elon musk's spacex day might not be able to bid for the money in the same way. So you've seen like a intense lobbying over

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