A highlight from Ep. 712


To find out more go online to reliability invesment dot com that's reliability investment dot com one. I want to be personally personally first of all congratulate you on your very colorful outfit. That will just balloon into race cars. So it's what you should you look at your body a car a little bit right yes training trimming up a little bit. I wanna walk in the kobe. Kid back it'll be kid is back home. Koby body looks good on you. He's he's lost twenty two twenty and you told me to six four which i'm having trouble believing that's trouble because dance that's dense. It was a big numbers and you bought. It doesn't look like you're carrying that. But you got those about to like i'd say two thirty. Yeah you're going to lose thirty pounds. You got to cope simone to covert. I was trying to get that low. Well you got that samoan. How's that taste and smell. Daddy gone existent. Yeah it's that's the worst part about it. Besides coughing and can't get. The worst part was not the loss of taste and smell. Was the body shakes shake shake shakes. Like i'm sitting here like shit. Stop shaking but you had it for how long i think two weeks straight days where you thought you got it. One we do when we were in San antonio san antonio right i thought i got in phoenix. Well madame copied. She'll she'll come at your calves. Show up to your your quads. Your hams eyeballs gets you in. The oddballs is fucking isolated. Hit me in the back of the head at one point and my lower back it was like you know what i'm gonna fuck with the back of your head and your lower back sees that area up for you And mine was the pressure on the is man back. My eyeballs hurt hurt. You were okay for the most part. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Not nice healthy not the kid. Yes i was not. We also older. That's who likes the older folks especially those folks that won't stop moving. Keep doing things working out a little bit around the house. I'm going to do a couple of deadline matters you. Do i try to like see how far can push it. And then damn. Kobe is like all being disrespectful. Now like i. I think cal have. You had it before you say. Hey that's exactly. What i said de so many people were like dude before wild and i was so sick. I coated like his

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