Dude, Where Are My Wheels?


Hello ivan. How are you today. I am doing fantastic today. Priscilla and have a topic. That's very unusual title. Which you're not agree. I definitely agree. And i'm totally curious so i recently visited los angeles Where i grew up where i live for many many years is driving an area that i run around and i was regaling my wife with a story about a job. I had in a pretty tough neighborhood when i was in college. And at the end of the story. Beth said to me you have got to tell the story in a podcast so here it is. It's sort of One of my early lessons on the value of networking So i i grew up in a really Working class environment early in my life and it was really a roughly nineteen seventy five. And i was working my bachelor's degree while i was employed at a hardware store in south l. monday california and you have to understand. This happened when he was a pretty tough neighborhood with a fair number of gangs were active in the area and we closed the store It was it was a hardware store. I we close the store one evening at seven. Pm and it took about thirty minutes close all the registers and leave the store and in that thirty minute period. What could happen particularly in that neighborhood so around seven thirty we walked out of the store and we one of the employees cars sitting in the parking lot literally propped up on blocks own had stolen all four awesome wheels and left the car on four country blocks where it's at in the parking lot and Basically waiting for us to get off work and walk out there clearly My friend the person who car it was Was apoplectic when you walked out. He was absolutely went absolutely crazy.

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