Morgan Wallen Speaks on Using Racial Slur in 'GMA' Interview


And a lot of people thought maybe it would be the end of things for the country music star Morgan Wallen. But despite the fact that he was recorded on a doorbell camera, I think or some sort of camera. Saying the N word after a bender. He's out on the street and is like, yo my end or whatever, to some friends around him. It's caught by this camera. It makes it on the news and his burgeoning country music career looks like it's going to get tanked. But he's a big star. His songs took off his some of his music videos have a 25 million plus views on YouTube. He's been touring still career took, Uh Weird turn. I had never heard. I think the three of us agreed that we had never heard of the day before that. No, I still never heard one of his songs. And but I've seen like shortly thereafter that his song like stayed on the top 10. I knew a part of you kind of wonders a little bit like how much of that was to just stick it to everybody else that wanted to cancel them. Four saying the n word on that. But he did. He did get pulled off of all the radio stations for at least a while, I think And what I'm saying all I mean, they're probably some that just did their own thing. But I recall the radio stations kind of banding together and saying we're going to halt playing Morgan Wallen music. And then everybody goes over to iTunes has suffered his songs, Rocket up the charts, and so now he's finally even went to rehab at one point, But now he's finally breaking his silence on this, and he sat down with Michael Strahan. Let's just peek in. Let's see how this went to the people were going to watch this interview and say, the only sitting down because he wants to clean up his image. It's all a performance Mullet, man. What do you say to that? Understand that, you know, I understand it that I'm not ever going to make you know everyone happy I can only come tell my truth, and that's all I know to line

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