A Heartbreaking Novel About Mothers, Daughters and Secrets

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Elizabeth egan joins us now to talk about her latest. Pick for group taxed. Hey liz hi pam i thanks for having me. What's the book. The book is called. I couldn't love you more. And it's by esther freud. This is her ninth novel. And it's a book about three generations of women kind of circulating between ireland and england and the first one is a woman named ika. We get to know her in the nineteen thirties than her daughter. Roseline in the nineteen fifties and then a woman who we find out. And i'm not giving anything away that you won't learn fairly early in the book is kate who and we meet her in. Nineteen ninety-one and roseline is the linchpin of the whole story. She becomes pregnant in her early twenties and winds up in a home in ireland outside of cork a mother and baby home. Run by nuns. Who force her to give up her daughter kate for adoption and so the book is the story of these three women. And how e phi is continuing to look for roseline who disappears and kate is looking for roseline. She's looking for birth mother. And it's this incredibly powerful story about mothers and daughters and also an interesting and really heartbreaking. Look at what was happening in ireland at the time that really went on for about one hundred years where the catholic church ran the. They were like prisons for women who were in trouble in some in some way and they forced women to change their names and to give up their babies. And it's an incredibly heartbreaking walk at that legacy of secrecy.

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