Oktopost's VP of Marketing, Natalie Binns, on the State of B2B Marketing


It comes to be mocked Is very different based to be to see An ended in a something. The you know. We've kind of evolving the time and it's become Segment and i think one of the things that people are really going to be looking at the challenges. Okay we're coming out off. The pandemic people are desperate to go out and meet family and friends. You know but how is that. Going to be taken from a business perspective you know. How comfortable are we meeting strangers. How how likely always get back into this face to face engagement Another thing isn't this isn't a new thing. From the pandemic we were kind of getting very heavy on digital before i mean obviously. The percentage just massively shifted in the last twelve to eighteen months. swear it's pretty much been under percentage so but you know. I think that there was a bit of fatigue when it came to face to face event certainly in in previous years the the results that we would get out of doing trade shows or smaller events were getting lesser in lhasa and perhaps lesser of the senior executives were attending some of these events sending on some of that team to kind of gather information but the way in which you know customers have been buying is changed the time and i wonder how much that sach she gonna flip the way in that. Because we've kind of had this kind of gap annot my sabbatical in going to events. How much is it going to be. Okay i'm kind of sick of online searching now as she wants to deal with a real human And i'd like to be taken out for lunch. And i'd like to go to a sporting event oron i'd like to go and sit and listen Broth than vise day. Where i'm perhaps multitasking. And i've got kids running around whatever aside. I think the challenge is. How much do you go back to the good old days if you like a field marketing and you know events marketing versus you know still kind of prioritizing

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