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Outstanding morning show in New York, San I'm on it. Yeah. Well, bigger so how much the percentage of your appearance is made that possible. I don't know you'd have to answer that. I'm not tackling critic. I can't I can't. Well, I would say this. You're you're a great part of this show. We've bringing you I love coming on anytime, a huge movie even on Netflix or his on prime. It just so happens in the theaters. This is a huge weekend. I'm taking my son tomorrow. Yes, see the avengers. And you got tickets, and they got tickets famous. Everybody loves the movie is getting a deserving amount of attention the way, do you know that some of the story I was on FOX five talking about this some guy paid fifteen thousand dollars repair opening it's insane. That is because he didn't want spoilers wanted to see the very first showing if you have money to me, it's like did you didn't see as a review you haven't seen the movie yet you saw the movie four days ago. Look, I I saw a review of this morning. One other reviewers don't give it away. I'm not gonna give it away. But here's. What I'm going to say all right before I even want you to review the headline is it's a very good movie. And I will tell you coming from me. That's quite a statement. Because I do not like comic books superhero movies in general. I'm not one of these guys like, oh, the marvel cinematic universe with all all those. I can't take it. It's overkill it's all action. And so for me to tell you this is a really good if not even great movie from a person who's not even in love with these kind of move. So it's not like I'm a superfan. And I'm saying, yeah, it's great. I'm somebody. That's like I walked into this. It's three hours and one minute. And before the movie started, I'm going like, oh, man. This is. Really like a slot to get through this. And it wasn't first of all it has. I'm just prefers let me quickly. Is it a sequel you have to have seen the first one to see this one twenty? This is the twenty second movie in the series is twenty one movies. And what's amazing about this movie? Is they brought the cast from every single movie into this movie. The Black Panther cast Spiderman guy, the ironman guy, the captain America guy, the halt movie guy, I could go on and on. Oh by the move. Yard in the movie scene. Have to seen it. You could pick it up. It's it's made for you know. If you've never seen a marvel movie. Fine. But one particular point I mean, there's there's a big I'm not giving anything away. There's a big battle there every cast them from EV I mean, they bring Robert Redford back from like ten years ago. That's in America. Let's bring in Michael Douglas from the atman. I mean, they just bring every person that's ever been in any of these twenty two movies of the last. I don't know how many years there in the. Okay. So here's a great story out words. One one Mookie Wilson is one of the most you've ever seen five movies is a great movie how many movies do this. All right. Well, I'm on my Big Apple rating scale, which is which I've been using for years. Neil rose and Big Apple rating scale on one to four. So I'm saying if you into this if you are a marvel fanatic, this is your thing is moral the marvel comic thing I'd say you'd probably give it for. And if you're not like me, you know, and like you I'd say he'd go is solved. Three three and a half somewhere around there. Recommend you take you kids. And I think you'd really have a great time on a blunt. I just to help you enjoy a little bit. I don't I don't think that you need any kind of enhancements good for them. I think it's a good film, and we'll talk about non fan and for the fan, and I can't tell you who lives or dies. Okay. So talk about enhanced just mentioned, I will say this story. It's three hours in one minute. And the first two hours even action stuff. It's it's literally story which is great which is in the last hours. A lot of action you get your action fix and the first two hours, you kind of set so forth going on point. So Bernie about being high one of the movies that comes out this weekend. This guy's always. Yes. That's his stick him shoddy. Do him at Shelley's throwing the long shot movie, Molly. Okay. Okay. So he's the schlumpy guy who's an unemployed journalist. She's the secretary of state working for you know, Bob Odenkirk who plays the president better. Call Saul breaking bed. It's correct. Very good. Very very good burn. And they she was his babysitter. When he was like ten years old, and he always had a crush on her. So he's unemployed. But he's a funny guy a run into each other at some kind of party that somehow his friend invites him to. And he says she does listen, you know, why? No, you longtime your funny guy when you were kid. Can you can can I hire you? Can you punch up my speech is because they're they're dry. I'm gonna make a presidential run. So they call it long shot because it's a really unlikely romance. I mean, he goes on the road with her. You know, you say that. But I feel like I've seen this before when he was with Katherine Heigl. Also, a big beautiful made. No sense. That's absolutely true. It's. But I think this is better than that particular movie that you reference pointing I liked it. I mean, it's funny is it realistic not in the not in any way, shape or form. But if you buy into it, there's a lot of last they're jut appetite had nothing to do with the movie, but if you like jut appetite type of films, it's his kind of DNA on the more that was him and hainkel that was that's correct. Ripping them off. But it was it was funny and Seth Rogan's funny. And again this yes for for the secretary of state and some schlub e unemployed journalists to go to a party in the middle of Europe, and do Molly and get completely is never going to happen. But if you just roll with it, you go, okay? You know, I'm just going to buy into this Prentice. You know, they're they always suspend disbelief as they cried. He's got a crush on her. And somehow he's going to how many starts this would definitely get three three out of four. Okay. So we were talking about Quaid Dennis a horrible. It is the intruder commercial is so Randy it's done. It's Dan we've seen ran the. He had some kind of hanging out with Britney Spears somewhere. Sorry to say. Yeah. This is a home invasion thriller this couple yuppie couple buys a house in the Napa Valley, and it was owned by Dennis Quaid previous leaning because I'd like you to have my house. You know, I've lived here for thirty five years. It's my baby. And then he becomes like, you know, you can't give up the house. You find out that like he he has you don't they don't tell you the beginning. I'm not really giving much way he has to sell the house for monetary purposes. But doesn't really want to give out the house give up the house. So you know, he shows up the mow the lawn on invited. He shows up with pizza uninvited commercials. Good. And then it gets worse. Dennis Quaid over the top. You talk about what you said before, you know, said the seen the other movie I've seen before in various forms. I've seen this movie. Okay. Great. So now he's going to like the guy. Dennis Quaid goes into Jack Nicholson shining mode in this. You know, you remember how you know? He is John act basically doing that. And it's like I was actually waiting for that I'm going to use a good news. But then I think you saw. It's it's a movie that you've seen literally good news done is Clinton said you like them. He's gonna make it all back on the next dog movie comes out, I one I love that movie. I cried like a baby that movie and the second one at least from the coming attractions. The dog's journey reverence called looks like it's going to be equally as big a tear Jerker as the first one. Well, you know, this then it's been around a long time. So I mean, I think he's trashed Abang. Meg ryan. I mean, come on. That was why I mean. Yeah. You know, cocaine than me and bunny put together a lot. I wanna talk anything, by the way. Still looks good. Just like us. Guys, look great. I wanna talk to you at the Tribeca film festival. We opened earlier this week, by the way, Bob, the Niro, what the hair and kinda slouching over them. He looks great. But last night, I saw a movie called standing up falling down with Billy crystal, and he plays an alcoholic dermatologist who kind of becomes friends with this young stand up comedian who career really failed in LA. So we moved back to New York. And I was I actually went to the party last night after I was talking to Billy crystal. Do you remember this movie? I nobody loves this movie. Like love this movie. It's called Mr. Saturday. I love it more than you. Do you really why use a line on this show almost every single day? See what I did there quite David Pankin? That's right. Played his brother that was. No that wasn't dad. That was with a pay David Potemkin, no p David painter David payment. The two of them perform in the living room identified of my aunts and uncles and Coney Island in the nineteen sixties. It is a brilliant of that movie, Alan king. So that he was in it. So here's the thing. If you love that movie. Billy crystal told me that he is going to be bringing that same movie to Broadway, and he's going to be in the move. He's gonna play can't play the younger, but a young junior. But if you remember the movie, he becomes an old guy. And he's playing Florida retirement. He's like, basically. Dan. That's my winter. Right. So some incited emissions basically, Neil rose. He's going to he's going to try to bring it to Broadway, and it's going to become a musical. And I recommend it's still playing for the next few days. Standing up falling down at the Tribeca film festival. How much time? Do we have Jill? It's very excited one ended. Okay. Let me tell you couple of other movies. You might want to look at it to Tribeca film festival. There's a movie called American woman about the Patty Hearst kidnapping that looks interesting. There's a movie called all these like is extremely wicked shocking evil and vile. That's about Ted Bundy from the perspective of his girlfriend, and there's a movie called skin about this white supremacist goes through this transformation when he meets this woman with a couple of daughters who says can we really that not continue to go to these meetings, the Norton movie. Oh, yeah. Mary history history. That was a great great great. Great job. I love the great Neil Rosen. We'll take a short break wrapping up the weak on Bernie instead. But after these words. See? Hey, folks. 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