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Your listeners who are into more of the mind body connection. We could say that metabolism is a movement of life energy or partner through the body. Right. It is transactions that take food which is fuel. But that food has not just energy, but also information, so we take an energy and information from the environment from the universe. And we convert that into lifeforce that gives us gives our body all the things that it needs for us to be able to do all the great things that we we are able to do. Right. And so if that's metabolism and metabolic syndrome. It would be when metabolism is impaired right of that energy flow is impaired in some way, and on a very physical level. We would diagnose someone as having. Likely to be having metabolic syndrome, if they have a big belly, right? If they have an increase in what we call waist circumference. Will look look at something always hip ratio. Their blood pressure is higher than a certain threshold. If their cholesterol numbers are higher than a certain threshold, if their blood glucose fasting blood sugar level is higher than a certain threshold. So we can do all these tests to confirm it. But essentially, you can look at someone and if they looked like they have a belly sticking out where if you ask them to stand straight in the shower in over the Toews and their head touching the wall. And if they look down, and they're not able to you know, see the contour of their feet very clearly because they have a belly sticking out. And it's very likely that all those blood tests numbers are going to confirm again being the internal medicine guy. You can confirm the diagnosis, but you already know what it is ninety percent of the diagnosis already made just by looking at them, gutter gutter. So I love the fact that you are looking at a wide variety of factors rights. At the tests and experiments, of course. He also looking at your you're looking back on your experience. And and you'll infusion an ideal taking drawing from both sides of the spectrum. Now, one of some of the midst or maybe misconceptions if there are any associated with metabolic syndrome. All there are a lot of misconceptions about it. And that was the reason why chose turbo metabolism for my book because in working with people with high blood pressure, and I beat as in better overweight, obese having heart problems. And they, you know, everybody wants to lose weight and everybody thinks that there's something wrong with their metabolism. And it to large extent that's a myth. The myth is that only about one percent of people are actually born with some sort of defecting their metabolism. The other ninety nine percent have impaired metabolism because of environmental factors because of decisions that they are knowingly or unknowingly making by these are diet decisions these lifestyle decis. Visions. He's decisions about how we manage stress. How we sleep our relationships.

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