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Two guys Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson and I was fishing late one night on the Mississippi River so the strange lights and next thing thank hearing a strange I saw the strange light coming towards them you know they got groggy that were taken aboard this craft and then taken back after some sort of abduction of gone on now people are people might not know that not too far just literally just a handful of miles from where they were fishing is a place called hole in Ireland now in the forties and fifties horn island was where a lot of research was done into hallucinogenic again we've got a a location just a few miles from where that the two guys went with fission what's particularly intriguing he's one of the reasons why all of that research was stopped horn island was because again kind of like mirroring Rendlesham forest because I couldn't guarantee that the winds wouldn't get up and send the hallucinogens the wrong way I mean that's almost identical to Rendlesham forest and you know that that's not hearsay horn island you know was used for the for pollution Jennings and it was stopped to a significant degree because of the of the winds heading towards potentially you know more populated areas now I should stress you know Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker I believe them fully as I described what they say they sold Calvin for example I spent a weekend with him at a conference just over a year ago and he came across you know I totally credible genuine truthful person and I that's what I truly believe he is but the the downside is that if your mind is flooded with loose hallucinogenic it's hard to say that what you actually soul he's what you soul you know there's no lying no exaggerating but your mind is not necessarily your most reliable organ a feel like you know when you're faced with something think that he's gonna all to your mind anyway so I find that particular case intriguing because the the mirror images that you have between that case and Rendlesham I have to say the dosing someone with something like LSD would be pretty tricky and that how much they absorb how long they are hallucinating because you know you have witnesses they are bent waters thing who then go back to the base there still not hallucinating ten hours later five hours later at any rate terms of the some of the the stories you know we're talking about hallucinogenic but may not necessarily based.

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