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Bite is a new series here on Scifi talk and the sci-fi Talk Archive podcast, and so parenting an apocalypse. It's. It's not the same way that we would do. It's either full interviews or a comment or question from past interviews time. Wise. It's about one to four minutes long on an average. Probably when you when you live long enough all kinds of strange things happen. Very, right in saying that the Greek heroes where the original superheroes. In part because of the nature of genes vision, but also because of its message of diversity and inclusion. A few years ago at San Diego Comic Con Henry Cavill compared his roles in immortals and at the time the upcoming to you. Without first superheroes, and that was that help you now transition to play super The only help he provided is in the physical aspect going through that once. Is a great preparation for guy for the second time. Obviously, he he'd do it in a very different way, very different approach method and you're prepared for the hardships that. It provides Very right in saying that the Greek heroes were the original superheroes and. I think with this story. It's a little different because. These is an ordinary man. Yes. He does some extraordinary things, but he's just an ordinary man. In the other job. He's very far from ordinary. have. You seen the suit superman suit was. Traded on and. It's fantastic for. Doesn't do. Not. Anymore. Look for immortals and manage. Do Wherever you get your content comments or questions or welcome at. SCIFI. Talk at AOL DOT COM for bite. This is Tony, Talada?.

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