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The pioneer. Of our salvation. What the pioneers do. They go first. Blaze the trail and then everything he asked of his disciples. Jesus went first. Before Jesus asked anyone else to change their lives for the sake of the Kingdom of God. He did it first. At one point Jesus even came up to a group of men and said I want you to give up your career. I want you to change your life work for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Jesus went to the Sea of Galilee. And there he saw Simon Peter And Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter, casting a net into the sea and Jesus said to them Follow me. And I will make you fishers of men. And immediately They left their nets and followed him. He did essentially the same thing with James and John. They were in their boat mending their nets, and immediately he called them and they left their father's 70 in the boat with the hired servants, and they followed him. Now the brevity of March report makes it feel incomplete, like he's left something out. For example, if I was Peter, and this guy just walked up to my fishing boat and said, Follow me, and I'll make you fishers of men. I have some questions for him like Who are you? Or what exactly is a Fisher of men. And what do you mean? Follow you? You know what? There's a part of me that so desperately wants to fill in those blanks. Believe that Peter and Andrew and James and John knew Jesus already, or maybe they had heard him preaching. I mean, after all, Mark says that Jesus had been preaching around Galilee. Maybe they had met. Maybe they had her Jesus teach and we're familiar with his program. But Mark doesn't tell us any of that. He doesn't want to distract us from the main point. Considering that mark is Peter's testimony is strange fragility to believe that that wasn't important. Or that Peter wouldn't mention or explain that he knew Jesus before this moment. No, this story is tight for a reason. It is uncomfortably brief by design. The way that Mark presents it. He wants to focus on this one thing that Jesus called and they responded immediately. There's that word that appears over and over again. Immediately. Heaven split and the spirit descended on him like a dove immediately. The Holy Spirit drove Jesus into the wilderness immediately. They left their nets and followed him. Mark can't seem to get enough of this word immediately. Occurs over 40 times in the Gospel..

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