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Frankly you can only look and see what you're seeing now but still no 100 percent what's going to happen so when we look at this point it looks like you yeah there could be some pretty high winds and we may see not an arm like kind of swirling ball heading toward key west and parts unknown of florida but certainly there could be some fling in that direction the computer models there interesting about the tropical depression expected to become a tropical storm for one tropical storm nate and what does that mean to wins could get up to eighty five miles an hour and three days making it the cat one it comes to the gulf coast probably on saturday but and the intensity is what we don't now they're just pretty much they're telling people the national hurricane center has cover its but then they can only the can't tell you they don't know for sure so they tell people listen if you live in the gulf coast in from louisiana the florida syrup monitoring this thing start watching what's happening how would impact where will would hit what happens by this highpressure ridge over the southwest atlantic and in the low pressure because that's what you're looking at what it move quickly more quickly into the gulf mexico the us european models differed on the path as much has ninety miles that's a big deal so that's a wide swath of possible error so far this year track forecast four to five days in advance have been averaging errors of about one hundred seventy two two hundred thirty miles which that's crazy and makes a very big difference as to where it would hit it could possibly hit so squarley while he kind of weather blanketing south florida on wednesday but not related to the storms to people thought that strong wind shear is expected to keep the system a little dis organized this is the sixteenth cyclone in a very provable season a recordbreaking season the last two months five named storms since august 30th we've been there and three of them were deadly harvey erma and maria forming less than in thirty days uh my my unbelievable in the meantime when we jumped.

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