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Thank you so much who is ladies? Just love them. I love them and listen. That Help Syndrome is no joke. But also you know. It's no joke jess like Angela made. It seem like she's like a tiny little flower. Who's never gonNA WANNA be on air? And then she comes in like. Jackie Greene was hilarious. Phil funny so great. They need their own. Podcast US to know. Well let's not have competition for ourselves here Jamie okay. They beat us. They need us for all awards. Don't you guys don't do it? Just come on our show and guess well folks this is a nice place for a transition so we want to remind everybody that we've got a book coming out in September called if these overs could talk the things we've learned about making Lgbtq Family September twenty second. You WanNa be on the lookout for that. It's coming out. There's GonNa be some other stuff coming up surrounding that book too so just follow us on the social. Cpa learn all about that stuff? What Oh Helen says that there will be pre order information for the book at some point at some point. We don't know when so we'll keep you posted. Thanks thanks Helen. She's always there. She knows who good Helen but guys. Let's keep this conversation going. Join US honest social. You can find us at over his talk on twitter over unscarred talk on Insta- if these over could talk on facebook and you can also join our community there and you can talk to other listeners. Which is always just a joy you can also join our community on Patriot. Patriot dot com slash ovaries talk for the bonus content. We talked about earlier and you can subscribe to us now on you. Two are everywhere. I'm all over Tick Tock. Too and soon robin will be Jamie's on talk. That's right that's follow me on Tick Tock Take I think it's funny but also follow us on Youtube to catch up on our ovaries talk. Livestream during the day you can you can catch it on the Youtube. All right and thank you to our sponsor story worth an ember wave. I mean seriously. We're so thankful that you help us. Make this show possibility. And that is a series. Thank you thank you very much and to all the folks out there. They say stay healthy. Stay say happy laugh. Try to laugh have some covert coffee. Start coughing keeps the joke. That's fine and then folks get help if you needed the you know. These are crazy days. Jamie it's helping. I keep telling her to get help. She's not getting a yet but she's GonNa soon at that help and help with cigarette. Down Helen. She's just she over the ringling papers. Like what the fuck are you doing? Helen? This is not an intern ship paying five dollars an hour Helen. Five put that out there. We pay we. I'm enraged. It's fine I just had minimum rage in her job. I'll tell you what Helen because people are people like. Who's she is our producer. Robin Hoarding a woman. In her she listened my daughter's closets. I'm recording and my daughter's bedroom right now. All right I mean for the love of God eggs. Ovaries be quiet. Helen Count would say over..

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