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Us near Marion Kokomo seeing some lighter Hayes and then on the west side as well. But satellite and radar is quiet will remain quiet over the next twenty four hours here across the state. We have a few showers now in Iowa that's diving towards the southeast that will eventually fizzle out once it hits parts of Illinois. But we are thickening and increasing our chance of rain showers through the day on Wednesday and Thursday. Let's take a look at future cast here. A high rates showing a mostly sunny Scott star. We'll continue to see a few clouds here and there through late morning early afternoon, but no precipitation associated with the cloud cover. We see. We'll continue to see a lot of sunshine later on this evening as well. For today. Expect to see a warmer day and fairly comfortable. Although our temperatures are below are seasonal high will hit near seventy we should be at about seventy two. So we're in the realm of near season. We'll see mostly sunny sky continue through three o'clock with our highs and the upper sixties and everybody gets in on some of these warmer. Temperatures for today, sixty nine Lafayette, sixty eight and greencastle likewise here in Indianapolis area, south and the sixties as well later on this evening. We'll still stay quiet if you wanna get out and enjoy some of the nicer weather for dinner. Today's the day to do that. We'll see a lot of sunshine to wrap this evening and then later on tonight, a mostly clear sky. And if you have plans to head out to the Indians game doesn't look too bad. In terms of temperatures will see a little bit of sunshine. Sixty eight degrees by five o'clock, and our temperatures will cool through the lower sixties and eventually upper fifties by nine later on this evening late tomorrow or late tonight and into early tomorrow, I should say we'll start to see some clouds thick enough. So early Wednesday morning. There might be a stray shower, but I think a good portion of us will see dry morning commute, eleven o'clock. We see a few of those showers developing an eastern Illinois few the stray showers could hit south and southwestern Indiana. Eventually starting to move in a little bit closer to central portions of the state. They showers are not going to be widespread. They'll be fairly scattered to maybe even isolated in nature for the day. Tomorrow temperatures Sportsnight cool into the lower fifties and upper forty s and tomorrow, it's going to be that bad of a day. But we do have that potential of seeing a stray shower too. We start off in the lower fifties to the mid sixties and then by four o'clock were approaching our seventy degree, Mark. And that's what works spec to see for high tomorrow, rather Seventy-three and Lafayette seventeen Indianapolis and then areas south of us in the lower seventies for tomorrow overnight and early Thursday morning. We'll see a partly to mostly cloudy sky. We'll continue to see a lot of cloud cover during the day on Thursday. Although we're not expecting to see a washout, we do have that potential of an isolated shower. And I think that mainly lies northern portions of the stay close to Lafayette Kokomo could sag as far south is Muncie. There is that potential of maybe seeing a stronger isolated severe storm during the day on Thursday that may basically just encompasses Lafi. Viet and Kokomo, otherwise, I think most of us see primarily dry day come Thursday. Then by the end of the week. Our highs will be approaching eighty degree Mark. So eighty four by Friday here in Indianapolis, mid lower eighties by Saturday than by Sunday lower eighties is what we're forecasting for high and our Chapman heating and cooling HA forecast. Few showers during the afternoon hours for tomorrow, we'll continue to see that stray shower chance Thursday, then by Friday few scattered showers. Maybe if you rumbles of thunder to wrap the workweek this weekend right now look split dryer come Saturday than by Sunday highs in the lower eighties. And then we'll continue to see near eighty degree weather Monday into Tuesday of next week with a few scattered showers and storms. We'll take a look at roadways this morning. Fairly quiet. Would you have a few issues here and there on the northeast side here near I four sixty five near I sixty nine at Ben for books. Quiet few headlights here and there, but roadways drive is just a chilly morning for a lot of commuters. So if you're heading out right now, you will need that thicker jacket, otherwise, you can leave the rain gear at home and bring the sunglasses with you because we are looking at a lot of sunshine for today. We have a partial closure here near thirty fourth street at Oxford Street. This is where I mobile Newstrack or was that a bit earlier here in our show due to a police incident. So we have about thirty fourth street closed.

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