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They help us daily in solving crime in the city of Coolidge agents had searched 800 homes in 16 hours reporting live, Peter Same or Katie. Our news There were more than 4600 new covered 19 cases and 176 new deaths reported today in Arizona. Along with more than 14,000 you diagnostic tests covered 19 hospital metrics continued to trans down and if you have covered 19, you might qualify for a new treatment. Katie Briers. Griselda. Latino joins us Live to tell us about it. It's called monoclonal antibody therapy. State health director Dr Cara Crist says it's used very early on right after diagnosis for somebody who is not experiencing hospitalization requiring symptoms. But before that happens to prevent hospitalization, Arizona has received nearly 21,000 doses of this new treatment. Have gone to hospitals. URGENT Care's another health facilities throughout the state reporting live on Griselda City. No, Katya our news in the holistic approach. That's how the city of Phoenix is. Human services Director Marshall Franklin describes the new homeless task force. The nearly 20% group met for the first time today to begin laying the groundwork to address the growing homeless population that the meeting today to really present on some topics. If you will. It kind of put everybody on the same page. So there's common is shared understanding about, for example, the definition of homelessness going forward, the task force will make monthly to create a stronger plan to combat homelessness here in Phoenix. Let's take a look at those roads now with detour Dan from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center..

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