Biden Signs Juneteenth Bill yet Has Done Damage to the Black Community and Others


So here's Biden The White House today. Now, remember what I told you about Biden? Biden is a street Politician is a thug. He's a chameleon. Is a nasty Ignorant man. Has clawed his way. Up the ladder. He has done things that are outrageous. Two people, including a black man by the name of Clarence Thomas, for which he gets a pass. He did things to terror read. Which would simply dismissed Which As part of the definition of rape doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. He has said things about black people that nobody would even think of saying and he has said it many times. No problem. No problem. He's a plagiarist. He's a liar. No problem. Why Because ladies and gentlemen, he is the vessel through which they're pushing their agenda and they don't care. They don't care if his brain dead they don't care. He's the guy. And he's performing. As they wish. Him to perform. And here's something else. Biden does know instinctively. As long as he hangs hard left. As long as he does the bidding of the American Marxists. The teachers unions. The open border immigration groups. Massive spending Bernie Sanders Marxists. As long as he does all these things and more, he's untouchable. The media won't touch him. And he won't be criticized. And he can go light his way through four years of the presidency. No matter how Handicapped he is mentally or otherwise it

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